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The Types Of Player Housing Available In Final Fantasy XIV

Player housing in Final Fantasy XIV is somewhat controversial given the design choice of limiting the availability of the biggest and best locations. Any discussion of the feature should include an inventory of the types and amounts of housing available to players. Today's post will cover the types of housing along with some of the amenities that make owning a home desirable in the first place.

First, the list of amenities available in player housing. Some of the features are available in inn rooms available in many of the major towns in FFXIV. An incomplete listing includes:

The summoning bell. The summoning bell allows players to call their retainers to their homes. Retainers are sent out on expeditions to bring back resources as well as sell items on the market. Yes, people can sell things from their homes.

Orchestrion: Basically a box for playing music.

The Unending Journey: A book that allows the player to play back cutscenes from completed content.

The Armoire: A container that holds special gear, including from in-game events.

Features not found in inn rooms include:

Chocobo Stables: A place to store your chocobo. With the proper care and feeding, chocobos can not only train to higher levels, but change color as well.

Miniature Aetheryte: Acts like a regular aetheryte, but received a 75% reduction in cost for use.

Gardens: Players can grow crops in their gardens.

Flower pots: Players can grow some plants indoors.

Vendors: Homes can hold NPCs that can sell items like those in the main towns. Some vendors can also repair and meld materia to gear.

Mannequins: Interior furnishings players can equip with clothing items. Items can be sold off of mannequins directly, bypassing market board taxes.

Crafting Facilities: Items which help players level up their crafting skills by providing an increase to maximum crafting points. Currently, the bonus ends once the crafting level reaches 81.

In addition, free companies receive three perks when they purchase an estate.

Private Chambers: Each member of a free company can have a private chamber inside the free company building. The maximum number of members in a free company is 512.

Free Company Chocobo Stables: The chocobo stables for a free company can house up to 512 chocobos.

Free Company Workshop: A place a free company can craft major items for free company use. FC airships and submersibles can embark on exploratory voyages, which can provide a free company with revenue to fund FC activities.

When discussing player housing in FFXIV, the properties are divided into two types, estates and apartments. When discussing housing, most people think of estates. Three types exist:

Small: Cottage (6000 plots per server): As of Endwalker, a small plot of land cost between 3,000,000 to 3,750,000 gil. Building a cottage on the plot costs an additional 450,000 gil. The cottage consists of two floors and is approximately 3 times the size of an apartment. Cottages have the following caps:

  • 200 items inside/20 outside
  • 1 garden patch (8 beds)
  • 2 flower pots
  • 4 crafting facilities
  • 6 vendors
  • 6 mannequins

Medium: House (2100 plots per server): A medium plot of land costs between 16,000,000 to 20,000,000 gil. Once purchased, building a house on the land costs an additional 1 million gil. Houses have three floors and are approximately twice the size of a cottage. Houses have the following caps:

  • 300 items inside/30 outside
  • 2 garden patches (16 beds)
  • 3 flower plots
  • 6 crafting facilities
  • 8 vendors
  • 8 mannequins

Large: Mansion (900 plots per server): When thinking of free company housing or nightclubs, the large estate comes to almost everyone's mind. A large plot of land costs between 40,000,000 to 50,000,000 gil. Building a mansion costs and additional 3 million gil. The mansion is also three floors, but in area is significantly bigger than a house. The caps for mansions are:

  • 400 items inside/40 outside
  • 3 garden patches (24 beds)
  • 4 flower pots
  • 8 crafting facilities
  • 10 vendors
  • 10 mannequins

When most people think player housing in FFXIV, they think of estates. But there are also apartments. The private chamber mentioned above is a type of apartment. The private chamber is cheaper than a regular apartment at 300,000 gil, and players lose their room when they leave the free company. But in all other cases the private chamber is the equivalent of an apartment. So let's look at the apartment.

Apartment: 27,000 per server: Each apartment building can hold up to 90 players. External amenities like chocobo stables are provided free of charge. The apartment itself costs 500,000 gil. A market board along with a summoning bell are located just outside the apartment building door, along with a miniture aetheryte. Residents of apartments do not have access to gardens (unless their free company lets them use one).

While owners of apartments cannot share their abode with others, they also do not have to worry about the auto-demolition feature which exists for not visiting an estate within a 45-day period. Once an apartment is purchased, the apartment belongs to the player. The limits of apartments are:

  • 100 items inside/no yard (or storage of outdoor furnishings)
  • No garden patches
  • 2 flower pots
  • 2 crafting facilities
  • 4 vendors
  • 4 mannequins
This post is not intended as a comprehensive guide to all things player housing in FFXIV. The purpose today was just to provide a brief overview of what the game has to offer a player interested owning their own place in the game. Getting into more details will come with time.

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