Monday, January 30, 2023

Island Sanctuary Upon Reaching Level 12

Last night when I logged into Final Fantasy XIV, I knew I was close to reaching the new maximum level for my island sanctuary. After taking care of all my market orders, I headed to my island and checked the status of my workshops. Turns out, the mammets had traded for enough seacowries to get me to level 12.

A lot of people were racing to get to level 12. By just doing what I normally did, I hit the new level cap in less than three weeks. Not bad. And I received another visit from Tataru.

Tataru and friends from Stormblood

This time, she brought Cirina and Sadu from the Azim Steppe along for the visit. If the developers are going to clothe all the visitors in appropriate beachwear, I can't wait for the community reaction when Estinien and Ser Aymeric visit.

As seems traditional now, I received a present of some new clothes. They gave me the five-piece Isle Shepard's set

Isle Shepard's Set, undyed

The design is based on the traditional shepard's outfit from the Azim Steppe, just made from lighter clothing. For the glamour set, I see promise with all the individual items.

A new landmark

At level 12, a new landmark becomes available. The Gamboling Garden looks like a rollercoaster, but has several benches to sit on and converse with friends. I didn't think to take any pictures at night to see if the landmark has lights. If my defense, the rains came down and I decided to try to stay dry.

Island Alligator mount

New items also became available for sale. For 35,000 seacowries, I became the proud owner of the Island Alligator mount.

New clothing items

Since glamour is the true end game of FFXIV, the developers added the Isle Vacationer's set. The tops, bottoms, and footwear look like they are designed for male and female characters, and are wearable by both sexes.

Isle Vacationer's Set, female

For the female designed bottom, Square moved away from the string bikini design and covered a little more skin. The next detail is probably very important to the community, so bear with me. I'm not sure, but I think the new bottom makes my character's bottom more rounded than the old string bikinis. A detail to note. 

Isle Vacationer's Set, male

I've included pictures of my character in what I consider both the male and female versions of the new clothing available for purchase, but no hat. Why not, I'm not a Viera or Hrothgar? Because with my hairstyle, my hair clips through the visor. Too bad, because the visor comes with some pretty nice sunglasses. I guess I can't have everything.

So my journey to level 12 is over. I think the developers plan a bigger update for patch 6.4. If so, I need to save up some more seacowries. While I still have over 100,000, I spent 55,000 on level 12. I want to make sure I have enough to buy everything available in the next patch.

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