Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Looking Back At Square Enix Stock Price In 2022

Unlike Pearl Abyss and Cloud Imperium Games, I don't have years of experience looking at any of Square Enix' financial information. But I figure I should close out my look at gaming companies with the maker of my current main MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV.

The Square Enix investor relation page has very nice functions, including allowing a user to compare the price of its stock against the Nikkei Index on the Tokoyo Stock Exchange. 

Square's stock price throughout 2022

Square Enix Holdings Co. Ltd. finished 2022 approximately where it began the year. The stock opened the year at ¥6100 and opened this year at ¥6130. Trading fell as low as ¥4965 in April and as high as ¥7150 in November. More importantly, the stock outperformed the broader Nikkei average. While Square's stock only increased by 0.5%, the Nikkei Index fell 9.7%.

But what about the U.S. dollar value? Turns out the Wall Street Journal calculates the price based on the dollar.

Square's stock price in USD, via Wall Street Journal

In U.S. dollars, Square's stock price fell 12.9%, from $52 to open the year down to $45.31. Still, a better than average performance than found on U.S. exchanges. For example, information technology stocks in the S&P 500 fell in price an average of 29%. The Nasdaq performed worse, down 33.1% last year.

The performance of Square's stock is a contrast to Pearl Abyss'. While the Japanese studio produced some games that didn't do well, that is a lot better than what our overlords in Anyang managed to do. Add in the good games Square also sold and the financial performance of the two companies, at least their stock prices, are explained.

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