Saturday, September 12, 2009

Alliance Tournament VII, Saturday of Week 2

Yes, I'm live blogging the Alliance Tournament today.

The announcement was just made that the Alliance Tournament will be delayed today because of server issues. The first two matches were completed before the delay was announced, with Scooty Puff Junior Alliance defeating The Star Fraction and Electus Matari defeating Sub Rosa Alliance.

I've been booted from the game along with several others, so I'm just crafting in EQ2 and listening to New Eden Radio now. Carebear Radio for the win!

Update: 15:55 GMT - Tranquility is down due to database issues. Right now I'm hearing the server will be back up at 16:15 GMT.

16:18 GMT - I'm back in the game. Waiting for everyone to get back online for the next match, Nebula Rasa vs. Intestellar Alcohol Conglomerate.

16:47 GMT - IAC's shield tanking Megathrons defeated Nebula Rasa. The schedule is going to be accelerated in order to make up time. Next match is United Corporations Against Macros vs. Night's Dawn.

17:03 GMT - Night's Dawn needed a flawless victory to have a chance to advance in the tournament and succeeded, dominating UCAM. Next match is The Honda Accord vs. Gentlemen's Club.

17:17 GMT - Gentlemen's Club had a flawless victory based on a high dps setup based on battlecruisers. Next up is SOLAR WING vs. RAZOR Alliance.

17:40 GMT - RAZOR almost had a flawless victory against SOLAR WING. The next match is Dystopia Alliance vs. Ivy League.

17:55 GMT - Dystopia beat Ivy League, but I'll want to watch this fight on YouTube. Next up is Blade. vs Pod Liberation Authority.

18:03 GMT - Still waiting for next match, but IC is posting results and ship losses in each match on their tourney webside here.

18:25 GMT - Blade won, but probably will not advance as PLA left the match with a Damnation on the field. Next up is Veni Vidi Vici vs. GOODFELLAS.

19:04 GMT - V3 defeated GOODFELLAS and only lost 1 ship. Possibly just ensured they'll get to the final weekend. Next match is Ethereal Dawn vs Circle-Of-Two.

19:14 GMT - Circle-Of-Two dominated Ethereal Dawn in a very quick match. Next match is Blanket Men vs. THE RONIN.

19:32 GMT - Blanket Men defeated THE RONIN. The next match is ISK Six vs. Brick sQuAD.

19:45 GMT - Brick sQuAD defeated ISK Six, but lost a lot of ships, giving ISK Six a chance to advance to the final weekend. The next match is R.E.P.O. vs. Against ALL Authorities.

20:04 GMT - Against ALL Authorities defeated R.E.P.O., but R.E.P.O. did significant damage to the AAA gang and probably ensured they will make the final weekend. The next match is Advocated Destruction vs. Morsus Mihi.

20:15 GMT - Morsus Mihi defeated Advocated Destruction. Last match is Unaffiliated vs. Ushra'Khan.

20:30 GMT - Ushra'Khan defeated Unaffiliated easily. I got called in from work so I have to conclude my blogging for today.

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