Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Stunning Ranger

Yesterday's post was a bit gloomy, but I've been feeling a little blah about EverQuest 2 lately. But last night I started to think about the self-mentoring option that will be coming to EQ2 in Game Update 53. Then I started thinking about some of the gear I have that I will probably start using again. I've always liked the idea of a stun build on my ranger, and with self-mentoring I'll definitely be using my favorite bow of all time, the Raincaller. And then I can pull my old Tribunal deity cloak out of storage for some additional stun power. Oh, the times I had using those two items in the Kylong Plains. If I go into a dungeon, I'd still be tempted to use Eagle's Talon for the zero meter range attacks, but I really, really loved getting Raincaller.

I already have put 5 points into decreasing the reuse timer for my Cheap Shot combat art 25% and 6 points into Point Blank Shot from the Predator tree, another stunning attack. I can make stupifying poison, an expensive option that I'm not sure I'd be able to use at lower levels for more stunning action.

I have a list someplace with all the stun gear I on my dream list that I'll have to pull out. I always wanted to have a stun build for my ranger and with the self-mentoring option coming in GU 53 I'll finally be able to build and use it. Maybe even create a second AA build designed for some greater defense or maybe even, dare I say it, a tanking build. Tier 2 shard armor might just make that possible.

A little thinking outside the box can bring some freshness to a game that was starting to feel just a bit stale. I'm starting to smile again just thinking about the possibilities.

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