Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Impressions of GU 53

A game update day and I was stuck working late at work! Just my luck, although I did get to look at the forums and I saw people having problems logging in. Feldon over at EQ2 Wire had some coverage of that. But getting home at 9pm PDT gave me hope that I would be able to log in and do some adventuring. Or at least a little looking around.

I logged in as my woodworker Yonger and the first thing that greeted me was a screen telling me that my Character Development choices had been cleared and I needed to reselect them all again. I was anxious to check them out, but I really needed to check out my room in the inn. Sure enough I had a third room. I had to move a table and chair because they were blocking the door, but now I have three rooms. I'll have to do a little redecorating later, but the place has some new possibilities.

I then logged onto my level 80 ranger Rosemarie. Sure enough, all of my shard gear was in my inventory overflow, along with a couple of other pieces of jewelry. Another nice surprise was my Bloodwood Bow of Sternum Piercing was now unattuned again. That's one expensive bow I can pass onto an alt. For those crafters who may be wondering, none of my Far Seas crafting gear became attunable again.

I finally opened up my character development tab and reselected my grandmaster spells. Only two of them, Focus Aim IV and Crippling Arrow V, were critical. Focus Aim IV especially since if I didn't re-select that I would be left with an apprentice spell. Aargh!

For the Character Traits, I tried to make up for some deficiencies, like wisdom and divine resists. The traditions and innate abilities are a real improvement. A 5% run speed increase, tracking for my non-scout wood elves, and then stealth movement speed and poison proc increases. I'm liking it a lot.

I looked at my achievements, and to my horror I only have 9 of 20 completed! Oh the shame! How can I call myself a master crafts-elf? But I guess that's okay. I know have some more things to shoot for. Although going back through all 4 of the crafting instances might be a pain. Then again, I do need to gear up my alts for the crafting grind in the next expansion.

For the explorer, there is a list of places to visit. I thought I've travelled all over Norrath but there is a lot I've missed. In other words, I've missed a lot of discovery xp.

I still have to pick up the Rebuilding the Spires quests and figure out Chronomagic. Hopefully I can get out of work at a decent time to do some real exploring.

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