Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Odds and Ends

Just a few items I don't think I'd write a full post on.

In Eve Online, I listening to the first day of Alliance Tournament 7 on Eve Radio and am currently listening to New Eden Radio for the second day. First, I'm amazed that the event is so big that 3 on-line radio stations, Eve Radio, New Eden Radio and Split Infinity Radio are covering the event. I haven't listened to the Split Infinity Radio coverage, but if you want all AT7 all the time, then tune into New Eden Radio. The Eve Radio coverage just covered the matches and switched over to music between matches while New Eden Radio has a panel of players talking about the tournament. I can't listen to the full coverage today, but so far I'm looking at listening to New Eden Radio next weekend.

Also, I'd like to say bravo to CCP who managed to get the first day's matches up on their channel on YouTube within 24 hours.

Due to the AT7 coverage, I haven't really listened to a lot of podcasts. Channel Massive #102 was interesting as Noah actually accused Jason and Mark of being too intellectual in discussing the episode's Blog-O-Steria. The discussion turned from theory posts to bloggers who want a lot of attention.

This week we saw the end of two podcasts. The new RealmsCast is now finished, with Beau wrapping his Free Realms coverage into Spouse Aggro, but Spouse Aggro is not a podcast I'd advise kids to listen to due to language. The second podcast is How I Wow due to Patrick Baja taking a job with Blizzard in Paris. Episode 21 has been posted with The Instance's Scott Johnson as the guest.

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