Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dog Days Of Summer

I listened to the August 25th 2009 broadcast of EQ2's-day last night and the subject really hit some of what I've been feeling about EverQuest 2 lately. Titled "The Dog Days of Summer," Dellmon and Zanadi discussed how the game feels like it has slowed down, with enthusiasm for the waning not only with a lower population on the servers but within themselves as well.

Yes, I know that server populations always decline in the summer as people go out and enjoy the weather, vacations and whatnot. But some of what the hosts talked about is what I'm feeling as well. The expansion being pushed back to February, quarterly instead of monthy game updates and perhaps a swing by the developers way too far in the direction of grouping are some of what Del and Zan talked about.

I really recommend listening to the podcast if you are interested in EverQuest 2 because I think it is covering the mood in the game today. Of course, that mood will change once GU 53 comes out later this month. But until then, we'll still be in the Dog Days of Summer.

Note: Today is EQ2 night on Online Gaming Radio, with EQ2's-day coming on around 4pm Pacific and the Jethal Silverwing show following at 7pm Pacific.


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  2. and this is why I have problems with my EQ2 part of my blog, I'm a SOE fan, or I want to be.

    I have not checked out the show, but know what you are talking about. I have for a longtime told people "well when a mmo puts this much content in a game as fast as EQ2 does, then, yes you will have bugs"

    Before I blow up here on EQ2 and SOE, Let me ask this, Is there any games out there that has no bugs in them? Is wow bug free? If yes to any one of them then SOE/EQ2 really needs to sit down and look at what they are doing and where they want to go with EQ2 and all there othere games as well.

    Ok I'm headed on to read more of the blog, I will get to mad if I sit here talking about this to much.

    Alik Steel

  3. No MMOs that I know about. But that Vivox problem when they had the Station Launcher go live really ticked me off. My voice worked, but enough people had problems that I was really upset.