Wednesday, September 23, 2009

EQ2's GU 53 Is Almost Here

If the schedule Kiara released on the forums is accurate, GU 53 will be live in a couple of more hours. I was talking to one of our newer guildies last night who didn't know about the game update (yes, not everyone reads eq2players or any other site) and he was pretty excited as I started to tell him what is in it.

I'm actually pretty excited myself. With any luck I can get out of work at a decent hour and start playing. The new racial traits for wood elves sound like a vast improvement on the old ones and a change has been made to targeting that sounds like it will make it safer to use my ranger macros that automatically switch me to ranged auto-attack after I use a melee combat art.

The only things I'm really worried about is a change to the range of my combat arts and the housing change of adding one room to some homes. I hope my ranged CAs are not getting nerfed and that I'm not going to walk into a home where everything is packed up. I hope it is a new room attached to the old setup.

I know with new things like the achievement system and self-mentoring there are bound to be bugs introduced with GU 53, but as long as the game works better than some of the servers where I work did last night, I'll be happy.

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