Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Odds And Ends

Just some random thoughts from the last week.

As much as I like the Alliance Tournament, this is the first weekend of the American football season, so I'll be watching that. Thankfully I can watch the matches at the Interstellar Correspondents' special AT7 site later. I won't feel guilt because the IC is posting the results almost immediately. And, of course, I can still listen to the matches on the radio.

On the podcast front, the opening skit for Through the Aftermath #18 is worth the download, even if you are not interested in hearing an in-depth review of Fallen Earth from two people who played the closed beta. As expected I loved Channel Massive #103 and Van Hemlock #67. I actually wrote down a few quotes from the Van Hemlock podcast that I liked.

Van Hemlock On Lord of the Rings Online:
How many heroic hobbits can you have? One. Me.

On disturbances outside the studio:
Jon: There are noisy children outside.
Van Hemlock: Oh dear. Get the sniper rifle.

On Jon's theory about how he gets re-interested in Eve Online when he starts getting tired.
Van Hemlock: Does reverse psychology work on yourself?
Jon: Yes.
Van Hemlock: Wow.
Jon: I'm really quite predictable.

I'd offer up some lines from Channel Massive but I try to keep the blog workplace safe.

In Eve Online, I really loved Darrin's post on Rifters on The Common Sense Gamer. Not least because I play a Minmatar and use a Rifter to run missions. I'm switching from shield tanking to speed and armor tanking. The whole armor tanking is taking some getting used to, but I'm not afraid of NPC cruisers anymore. Well, as long as they don't have frigate and destroyer support, that is. Combined arms isn't just a real world military tactic. NPCs using ECM to disrupt my targeting, on the other hand, is annoying, but I'm starting to develop tactics for that also.

Oh, and my training for Minmatar Industrial IV finished while I was writing this, so I'll be buying and equipping a Mammoth as soon as I post this. No more Wreathe!

In EverQuest 2, Feldon at EQ2Wire pointed out more Game Update 53 news, this time about a live event based on the ruined Ulteran Spires in Zek, Everfrost, Lavastorm and the Enchanted Lands. If you're interested in the latest feedback, head on over to the forums.

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