Tuesday, May 10, 2011

CCP's War On Bots: Roid Ripper R.I.P., Eve Pilot Use Curtailed

The War On Bots™ officially claimed its first victim, Roid Ripper.  Not victim as in, the bot is down for revision.  Victim as in, the bot is now officially out of business.  The site, roidripper.com, now displays an error page and NinjaSpud reports in the unofficial War on Bots™ thread that the domain of the forums is available for purchase.  And given the developers difficulty not only getting a new working version of the bot but with the taxing authorities in the U.K., I don't see it coming back.

Yesterday I wrote in the explanation of why the peak concurrency numbers are down that those botters who haven't been caught yet are not running their bots 23/7.  For proof comes a post from the developer of Eve Pilot, slav2:
"Guys, stop posting about bans please. You post really useless information which dont help to understand, improve macro etc. Dont use bot for longer then human usually do, do something with your bot besides mining to change behavior of it. Use latest version of the program, rename executable to something differen. Do all customizations I added to the bot (custom program title, custom hotkeys, overview preset naming, other settings, custom bookmark names, custom delays and log offs). Dont make direct transactions, use market to sell something to your bot for expansive and buy from your bot for cheap or another public methods. You getting banned because your used to click "START" and forget about precautions."
One of the things that makes botting so powerful is the ability to make more isk than normal because the bot can perform longer than a human.  CCP appears to have curtailed that benefit to botting.  In fact, in order to avoid detection and a ban from CCP, users of Eve Pilot have to actually PLAY their botting pilots.  Play Eve?  What a concept!

TL:DR: Roid Ripper, dead.  Eve Pilot, you have a really good chance of getting caught if you use it.

Wait a minute.  On second thought, if you want to bot, please use Eve Pilot.  It's totally safe.  Honest.
/sarcasm off

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  1. f**k your sarcasm

  2. if you are going to bot, make your own = safe, not going to be detected unless you do nothing but mine 23/7