Thursday, May 5, 2011

When Mining In Eve Is Not So Bad

I've written before that in Eve, friends don't let friends mine.  Of course, I don't always follow that advice and own a Covetor and an Orca when I get the urge to primary an asteroid or two. 

Last night was one of those times I wanted to mine.  I've been doing level 3 missions with the Brutor tribe to get some better rates selling items out of the main station in Rens and I had an Eve-mail in my inbox from a level 3 storyline agent.  She wanted 10,000 units of Omber.  That's only 2 cycles of mining for Wandering Rose, and Rosewalker's skills in an Orca cut the cycle time by 12 seconds.  And the reward?  A Social Adaptation Chip - Basic.  Sure, it is a +3 charisma implant, but it lists for 8-10 million isk in Rens.  I don't mind running mining lasers for 6 minutes for that much isk.

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