Monday, May 23, 2011

Playing With The New Agent System In Eve

I've read a lot of complaining about the new agent system that came out last week in Eve Online, but after finally getting a chance to play with it this weekend, I like it.  I know a lot of role players don't like that the instant access to other players' standings was removed, but with the wealth and power of the capsuleers, why shouldn't they be able to keep at least some of their data hidden?  Are there no competent information security folks in New Eden?

The main thing I like about the new system is I go to a mission agent, I know what type of mission I'm getting, as long as the mission is not part of a multi-part mission line.  This weekend, I didn't want to shoot anything; I just wanted to fly around and look at the sights.  But I also wanted to get some status with a corporation or two in Derelik because of the different mix of minerals I can mine in high-sec Ammatar space as opposed to the Minmatar Republic.  I always like to have facilities close by where I can refine my minerals prior to shipment and so with the new agent system, I just visited Distribution agents and did courier missions.  The option to not shoot anything really helps keep the security status up, although I did a lot of missions and received a lot of story line missions.  How many is a lot?  Well, Wandering Rose now has 3.04 status with Ammatar Consulate and 5.15 with Nurtura.  That's right I started from scratch and can now do level 3 missions for the Ammatar Consulate and level 4s for Nurtura.  Hey, I was having fun!

Now, having ties with the local authorities is all well and good (especially once I start dealing with the Thukker). But destroying a Minmatar Republic ship engaged in a diplomatic mission with the Khanid and bringing the diplomat back for questioning?  That's a step a little too far, even for a hard-bitten businesswoman like Wandering Rose, and she made a hasty retreat back to Metropolis.  It's a good thing that was an extremely black op, because I have 2 Nurtura level 4 Distribution agents just a short flight from my normal stomping grounds who don't seem to have gotten word and still work with me.  I'll just work with them until the dust settles in Derelik and once I have perfect refining with Nurtura I'll conduct a couple of mining ops in Ammatar space.

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