Tuesday, May 31, 2011

CCP's War On Bots: TinyMiner Tears Not Bad Either

CCP's War On Bots™ is starting to pick up attention in Eve Online podcast circles, with RMT receiving some attention on Notalotofnews Newshour Episode #51 and Kirith Kodachi mentioning The Nosy Gamer's coverage on Broadcast from the Ninveah #47.  With the podcast activity as inspiration, I finally managed to acquire something I thought I wouldn't get: reports of banned accounts from the TinyMiner forums.

When quoting bot users discussing bans, I want to provide links to the tears just so people know I am not making quotes up.  Up until now I thought that the TinyMiner forum registration process would prevent me from providing the links.  However, the TinyMiner forums have a security hole worse than the one in the new Eve Online forums and I can now provide the links.  I had heard reports that the developer was deleting "I was banned" posts, but some of them either didn't get deleted or were cached prior to being deleted.

26 March: Rusty69 ("CCP's 'new' war on bots") - A know-it-all apparently didn't.

"LOLOLOLOL...well. after writing that big post above, i went to log in and just found 3 of my 5 accounts banned.....for 2 weeks too :(.... :lol: . I'm surprised they didnt banned my orca account too.....f-ing noobs. Also my other account which i also heavily marco on.... . I thought it was convient though, i just brought plexes on 2 of those accounts too that were banned, and i'll need to "subscribe or petition 24hr pass' to pay for a plex on the other one as the ban will go past when his sub is due. OH WELL...if i cant make enough isk to pay for them all in the following 2 weeks..well CCP will be losing money ;). Problay only thing bad about it...VG...i never even got to test out that third key i just brought off ya :(. "

30 April: RuddyBear ("Banned for 14 days") - CCP is all about customer service.

"I received my first 14 day ban a couple of days ago - been using TinyMiner on and off for a couple of years so I suppose it was inevitable. Looking through my logs,I can't see any attempt at conversation by a GM which seems odd. Could be I am the victim of multiple player reporting? I've tried petitioning but the only communication I've had from CCP is a brief email telling me that my case is closed and would I like to give feedback on the way they handled it! "
1 May: JohnyR ("Banned for 14 days") - Someone got smart.  I wonder if this means that CCP Sreegs is mean?

"Well, after receiving this e-mail:


Thank you for contacting customer support and our apologies for the late reply.

You were detected as running macros and as such behaviour is prohibited by our TOS/EULA a 14 day temporary ban was applied. Further incident of this sort will call for more punitive measures against accounts involved, including possible permanent bans.

Best regards,

GM Nova
Senior Game master
EVE Online Customer Support'

"Guess i will behave now, i don't want my accounts banned :(, was fun when it lasted, but now, they are mean :( "
2 May: Rusty69 ("Banned for 14 days") - Not only doesn't he know everything, but he is butt-hurt about it.

"To be frank though...its not just randoms players reporting botters anymore..CCP are simply looking at logged in hours first, then IP addys...if the account in question is currently logged in, the GM will simply have a peek and see whats its doing...if it mining, the GM can go through his daily little log and check how much ore you have mined. Really..a marco isnt that hard to spot. Some say that CCP wouldnt bother 'hiring' a dedicated 'bot catcher' but seriously...within his 8 hour shift it wouldnt take him long to scan through 50-100 accounts. Then some would argue 'ccp will lose a heap of money from that'...well yes they would if they banned all the botters...but as i find here they only seem to be banning people with either multiply account first..then looking at 23/7 accounts second. I had 4 accounts goins 23/7...3 got banned, other guy on here said both his acounts got banned, other lad said all of his 6 accounts got banned. And let me guess, anyone of here that only got there one and only botting account banned...i bet you were doin it 23/7. "

19 May: fyreplug ("CCP's 'new' war on bots") - I'd ask for your stuff, but I don't like the touch of tainted goods.
"Well, they banned all three of my accounts with the update and I have only ever used one to mine with. The others I use for missions alone. I mine to a POS so I don't even know why they would bother with me.
"Guess I'm done with EVE. "
19 May: slasher87 ("CCP's 'new' war on bots") - I bet CCP Sreegs hopes the botters keep thinking this.

"Had one account banned today, was reported once and moved systems, mined probably 12 hours a day with random intervals through the day, and not ever more 5 days a week. Seems like people reporting seems to be the issue in my case. "
23 May: thug ("CCP's 'new' war on bots") - Botters really have to be careful.

"got 6 accounts 5 got banned the day after the patch came out for two weeks the one that didnt has a different e-mail address so it seems to me that they look at the e-mail address of the rogue account and ban every character with the same e-mail...."
TL;DR - Botting is bad.  Botting with TinyMiner is stupid.  The dev deletes posts to keep you from knowing how stupid, but fails at deleting.

Update:  You may have noticed most of the links no longer work.  The next time I find a security hole, I'll take screenshots.


  1. TinyMiner is a 100% detectable fking piece of crap robot, and description on their site should sound like this instead "For over 3 years now, we sell a crap Tinyshit to our customers, always to be detected" :It's time to join the party"

    all my EVE accounts (4) were banned for macro use and i used the tinycrap only with one account, never used on other 3...
    it's the first bot i ever used and i mined around 2-3 hour per day but not every day

    in less than 10 days surprise... i got 14 days ban on all of my accounts
    i mined in a ghost system and to be reported by other player it's excluded
    it seems that CCP can detect this tinyshit robot when running on your PC

    on their forum if you say something bad about the tinycrap or about banning the ADMIN will highly moderate this forum and severely cut the posts and also block your access to forum

    don't be fooled

    TinyMiner = 100% detectable piece of TinyShit

    1. The tears! More give me more! Tell me more about how mad at tinyminer you are because you're an idiot.

  2. Forum admins of tinyminer don't moderate; they have an undetectable macro doing that for them :P