Monday, May 16, 2011

Eve Peak Concurrent User Mark Exceeds 50,000 Again

The final peak concurrency numbers are in for Sunday (15 May). For the first time since 10 April, the PCU hit over 50,000 (52,743). If I have the numbers figured out correctly, 10 April was probably the date when CCP started handing out 30-day bans to botters for getting caught a second time. If that is true, then yesterday was the first Sunday since the bans expired that all those botters were allowed back in game.

One interesting thing I noticed on Eve-Offline is that concurrency went down from 43,682 at 21:50 to 39,628 at 22:26. I don't know if that is normal at that time on a Sunday night, but a 9% drop in players in a 36 minute span seems drastic. Wouldn't it be funny if that was the new bed time for bots trying to escape detection?  What would be even funnier is if CCP Sreeg managed to automate the banning process so a GM did not need to be present.

I expected this to happen but was too cautious to actually post the prediction.  That is a bad habit I really need to break.  But to make up for it I'll go ahead and start running numbers again and in a few days post the results.  Work is going to tie me up for a few days making blogging and playing Eve almost impossible.  Fortunately I scripted most of the number crunching so I should have time to do that.

For those following the War On Bots™ I have a couple of posts coming up over the next two days you may enjoy.  You may even enjoy them if you bot.  However, I strongly recommend not botting.  A wave of permanent bans is about to hit New Eden.


  1. I'm loving these posts and the research gone into them. Have you considered writing for the Eve Tribune on this subject?

  2. I thought about it, but the next couple of weeks are going to be hectic.