Friday, May 6, 2011

A Weekend Of Planning

This weekend I'm looking forward to doing a lot of planning as I embark on some serious industrial activity in Eve Online.  I've already set up Wandering Rose's skills queue through the rest of the year so now its time to try to actually figure out how to turn my dreams into reality.  Here are just a few of the things I need to consider.

Blueprints:  I need to do an inventory and figure out what blueprints I need to buy, which ones I need to copy to make tech 2 items, and which ones I need to conduct material research on.

Research agents:  I began setting up my network of research agents about a year ago.  I need to revisit my setup to make sure the datacores I'm researching match my production needs.

Placing buy orders:  Once I figure out exactly what I want to produce, I need to start placing some buy orders for the construction materials I don't plan to mine or mission for myself.  I also need to haul out my alts to start observing the markets in The Forge and Sinq Laison for the best deals.

Better record-keeping:  I need to develop some tools to help figure out if I really am making a profit on the items I make.  Well, I should say better tools.  I have a couple but they are really rough.  Also, while I used the average prices in Heimatar when figuring out my costs in making my Mastodon, I really need to keep track of what I actually spent.  And who knows, bargain hunting might become a nice mini-game in its own right.

That's probably a good start for what I need to accomplish.  Heck, with my limited playtime, that might be enough to keep me occupied for a couple of weeks.  I guess I better get started.

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