Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Anchor Of Planetary Interaction

Since creating and playing my new industrial alt I have spent some time thinking about planetary interaction.  At first glance PI really seems appealing.  I spent a week training my planetary interaction skills to a level I could really start making some money (and for a week old player, a half million isk a day is a nice payout).  On my established characters I'm making at least 200 million isk a month and I make that little when I just get lazy and/or don't have time to maximize my profits due to real life.  But then I started thinking about the drawbacks.

To me, the biggest drawback is that PI anchors a pilot to a region.  No matter how a player sets up his colonies, he has to go back and visit them to pick up his products to move them to market or to launch products to the customs office when the storage fills up.  Not only has led to Wandering Rose and Rosewalker remaining within remote sensing range of my colonies in Metropolis but kept me from any deployments of more than 6-7 jumps away from them.  I just don't have the time during the week to do a lot of travel just to maintain the operation of my colonies.

Having operated for months on my main characters, I've finally decided planetary interaction is best done on alts who I can just park in a system or constellation.  I've got the new account making PI alts now and as soon as Wandering Rose finishes learning Salvaging V I am going to create a PI alt for her as well.  For me, 10 colonies in high-sec is enough.  And I mention high-sec because I thought about getting sneaky and setting up some colonies in low-sec but the creation of player-owned custom offices in the Winter expansion killed that idea as soon as I read the dev blog.

Don't get me wrong, I think planetary interaction is a nice way to make some cash.  If you are a new player, by all means learn more about it.  CCP designed a nice system that allows a player to make some isk without having to mine.  But I'm getting the urge to move around in Eve, and PI is really not for nomads.

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