Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Little Prior Planning

Due to a freight train derailment this morning, I have a little time to write a post.  I didn't write one last night because I was too busy moving ships around.  On my industrial alt, my experiment about how fast a player with knowledge of the game can get 5 planetary interaction colonies up and running on a new account hit a snag because, even though I had been doing courier missions, the storyline mission I ran into was a combat mission.  Unfortunately my Punisher was sitting 7 jumps away.  I have just a little allotted time for that, so I ended that time by finishing the move of the frigate so I can do the storyline mission tonight (I hope).

After that I logged onto Rosewalker and Wandering Rose and quickly did my PI work.  I then made the decision that I was getting tired of doing courier missions and wanted to shoot some Angels.  So I moved my Maelstrom and Hurricane so that the next time I get the urge I can hop into a level 4 combat mission quickly.  So I moved the ships 6 jumps to the agents station, taking up the rest of my allotted game time for the night.

Do I regret not having a lot of action because I spent so much time repositioning ships?  No.  Actions have consequences.  For example, on my new alt, if I had just taken a little time to pack my Magnate and my Punisher into an industrial ship when I initially travelled to my distribution agent's system, I wouldn't have had to stop to get the Punisher last night.  And the tell the truth, I really should have already had my top missioning ships in place already.  I needed them to do a storyline mission and was too lazy to move them back to their proper place.  I can just hear my mom making a comment about putting my toys away when I finish with them.  I never really thought that advice applied to internet spaceships until now.

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  1. So true. That is how i spend half of my game time in EvE as well, by moving things from one place to another, or setting up things. Everything takes so long that it is almost impossible to get any action, particularly if only limited time available. Keep starting the same lvl 4 mission for several days already and have to stop because running out of time.