Monday, November 28, 2011

Fratt Asmurkik Needs A Girlfriend

I think almost everyone who has played MMORPG's for any length of time has heard stories of guys giving female avatars free stuff to attract attention.  My main in Everquest 2 was a female wood-elf ranger and I did receive a few items in my time in-game.  Things are a bit different in Eve Online because with the overwhelming majority of players (over 95%) being male, I think people assume you are male unless proved otherwise over Teamspeak, Ventrillo or some other VOIP program.  However, over the past week I think Wandering Rose has received some special treatment because she is a woman.

The man's name is Fratt Asmurdik, a Brutor agent for the Republic Parliament stationed in Metropolis region's Ridoner system.  But he's not just any agent; he is a level 4 storyline agent.  That's right, an NPC is sweet on Wandering Rose.

Lonely In Ridoner
Why do I think I've got an admirer in Mr. Asmurdik?  Last week I was on vacation and decided, when I wasn't sick in bed, to conduct a faction grind to get the necessary standings with Makor Desto of the Republic Parliament to get the 2-run blueprint copies of the Tempest Fleet Issue.  According to the ISK guide, that means having an unmodified standing with the Republic Parliament of 9.9.  Ouch.  So I started the grind by doing the courier missions with Rutadulf Hilsenaef, the level 4 distribution agent working out of Ridoner.  I like flying around in ships, and having both Wandering Rose and Rosewalker do the missions kept me busy enough while I listened to podcasts or Eve Radio.

Last Saturday, Rosewalker had an unmodified standing with the Republic Parliament of 8.03 while Wandering Rose lagged far behind at 6.53.  When I finished last night, Wandering Rose was almost finished with standings of 9.87 compared to Rosewalker's 9.66.  Why the difference?  Because Fratt kept giving Rosewalker missions that didn't give very much standings and gave all the choice assignments to Wandering Rose.  Since both Rosewalker and Wandering Rose are both Minmatar of the Vherokior tribe, I am assuming that the difference in treatment is gender.  Or perhaps I should say sex?  As in Fratt isn't getting any?

Hopefully this is just a fluke in the random number generator.  Or maybe not.  Can you imagine if the agents took gender into account when handing out missions?

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