Friday, November 25, 2011

Note To Self: Visit Singularity

I've spent my time in Eve this week grinding faction with the Republic Parliament.  I really should have visited Singularity to see the latest changes.  I hear they are beautiful.  But one change I'm not really thrilled with is the changes to planetary interaction.  Instead of listening to people, I really should have just visited SiSi and seen for myself.  Of course, that would have taken away from this really "fun" grind that I want to finish.  I'd like to finish it before people with nice shiny new gank machines (buffed destroyers and tier 3 battlecruisers) decide they want to use my industrials doing nice peaceful courier missions for target practice.  I never fly using autopilot, but why take chances.  Yes, I can afford to lose the ships, but not the time to replace them.

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