Wednesday, November 23, 2011

TEST Captures 9UY4-H

Test Alliance Please Ignore's campaign of vengeance against CCP for permanently banning DurrHurrDurr successfully culminated today in the capture of the Unity Station in 9UY4-H from Chribba's Otherworld Empire.  The IHUB was destroyed on 19 November with the TCU falling to the forces of Pandemic Legion at 0105 this morning.

Of course, DurrHurrDurr was not actually permanently banned, as the killmail on the IHUB shows.  DurrHurrDurr was only banned for three days; the belief that he was permanently banned was due to a successful troll on the Kugutsumen forums, a story that was spread around everywhere from Eve News24 to Eve Radio to the Voices of the Void podcast.  Well, except for the troll part.

One of the goals of the TEST campaign was to engage a large fleet of high-sec carebears rushing to defend Chribba.  TEST did manage to intercept a rescue fleet that formed in high-sec in system KBP7-G, one of the few null-sec systems directly adjacent to high-sec.  However, according to the TEST killboard, the fleet was filled with members of 0.0 space holding alliances like CVA, Sev3rance, White Noise., and Yulai Federation.

In an interesting note, CCP formed up a fleet at 1700 yesterday that was announced by CCP Navigator on all social media.  Some believed this was a relief fleet, but with the small amount of ships reported (12-25), such a fleet would be way too small to successfully intervene with the operation.  While having a CCP fleet roaming around would distract a lot of TEST members (look, shiny!), the possibility of CCP coming to Providence could have influenced Pandemic Legion's interest.  I heard one rumor that PL was attempting to hit the CCP gang with 30 Falcons as a protest about the state of electronic warfare.  Another reason for PL involvement may be the reported forming of the Honey Badger Coalition of TEST, PL and Elite Space Guild.

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