Friday, November 11, 2011

TEST vs Chribba

Sometimes Eve Online makes as much sense as real life politics.  The latest example is Test Alliance Please Ignore's intentions to take 9UY4-H system away from Otherworld Emipre.  The Eve News 24 article left out some embarrassing information.  What could be more embarrassing than picking on Chribba?  Let's follow the timeline.

Apparently the MOTD for the Recruitment channel was changed to not allow scamming, a favorite pasttime of TEST members.  The much beloved (at least by TEST members) HurrDurrHurr decided this was an abomination against all that is good in Eve Online and began a petition campaign to change this policy.  But he didn't create a petition, he wanted people to send petitions and flood the GM staff.  He was a bit too enthusiastic about sending petitions to CCP and received a ban.  For some reason he did not know how long his ban was for, so he was suseptible to a troll on the Kugutsumen forums and believed he was permanently banned.

Unfortunately, that belief spread to other TEST members who came up with a plan to hit back at CCP for banning their beloved HurrDurrHurr.  Attack Chribba!
Oh the humanity...
If you haven't already heard the great terrible news, Durr has been permanently banned from Eve Online by some dick eating a rotten shark sandwich. No one really knows what the exact justification for the ban is, but apparently it has something to do with Durr getting a bunch of SomethingAwful guys to mass petition CCP regarding some GM adding anti-scam rules to the Recruitment channel. There is nothing in the rule book that specifically states that is wrong, and certainly nothing that would indicate that it is a instant perma ban offense.

At this time we ask that you not mass petition CCP while the CSM/higher level GM's get to the bottom of this mess.

Striking back
Instead, we will fight back the only way we know how, by shitting on the Empire pubbies that this anti-scam rule protects, and we'll do it in nullsec. You may be asking yourself, "How will we get a bunch of Empire pubbies to tear themselves away from the teat of Level 4 missions!?!?" and the answer is that we are attacking their Mecca and Muhammad all in one shot. We will be attacking 9UY4-H, home of Otherworld Enterprises, Chribba's alliance. If you've been wanting to see a bunch of empire pubbies frothing at the mouth even more than they have been, now is probably a good time to login. In the eyes of the average empire dweller we are now literally Hitler.

We will begin deploying to Providence in a few short days along with our allies Elite Space Guild aka Broski aka Shurk aka fuck it you know who. Some other friends of ours will also be making an appearance, but that will be revealed later.

Primary: Get at least 500 Empire dwellers in 9UY4-H at the same time
Secondary: Actually take 9UY4-H
Tertiary: Roam all of Providence and have fun with CVA, also fucking around in Catch

What to do now
Start posting on Eve-O about how we are going to shit all over Chribba.
Get excited, as Montolio will be FCing some wulfpax and RPing as a Nazi u-boat commander.

Get your Alphafleet and Welpfleet ships bought and fitted up in 6VDT and await for further orders, it won't be long.
It doesn't matter that since this declaration of war that HurrDurrHurr finally contacted CCP and discovered that his ban was only 3 days and will end tomorrow.  The war is on.

Chribba responded in the thread on the Eve-O forums created to spread fear and loathing in the carebear player base:

Looks interesting, I welcome all pilots to the Cottage for coffee and kladdkaka, TEST pilots and regular. I'm sure you'll like it and hopefully you will find it as good that you want to continue to serve the goodies after you take over managment as well Smile

Regardless if the system and outpost get new owners I am honored to have been your host there for over a year, it's been wonderful. It is a goal completed, being an outpost manager. I wish I would be there to pew pew you (not really since I don't pvp) but I am probably busy 3rd partying the supers you buy to attack me Blink

But I for one look forward to see what happens, go sandbox go!

PS. More role playing posts Lol


Yes, responding with the old "I didn't want this system anyway" defense.  However, since Chribba doesn't lie, he possibly is looking for a new challenge.  I wonder if he's interested in the Arek'Jaalan project?

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