Friday, April 24, 2015

The Weekly Scope Video Turns Into A Live Event

So once again CCP published a new The Scope news video today. This time, they threw in a twist. A live broadcast, ending with the Drifters attacking the station seeking to stop an autopsy on a captured Drifter.

The Drifters lost multiple (4-5?) battleships while only killing 10 capsuleer ships (1 Malediction, 1 Claw, 2 Crusaders, 2 Imperial Slicers, 1 Cormorant, 1 Thrasher, 1 Atron, and 2 Veletors).

The CONCORD Bureau and the Yulai Graveyard
Despite some initial reports indicating that the Drifters had heavily damaged a station, the only visible damage to any infrastructure remains the still unrepaired CONCORD Bureau station.

Stories appearing in the videos new scroll included:

Just a couple of comments about the stories. Glad to see CFC's, er, I mean, The Imperium's foray into roleplaying is recognized in a video. Also, that the silence from Empress Jamyl is intentional and not because CCP is ignoring the storyline. However, don't lump the Absolute Defiance wardec into the roleplay category (unless I missed something). They didn't seem that type of alliance when we reached out and hugged them a few weeks ago.

The story of Propel Dynamics losing three jump freighters to the Angel Cartel could go a couple of ways. Is it a simple theft of the super kerr-induced nanocoating (SKIN) technology and the Angel Cartel will begin selling the technology in the very near future? Or does the theft have something to do with The Sanctuary? After all, Propel Dynamics is one of the corporations that helped build the Astero-, Stratios-, and Nestor-class Sisters of EVE ships.

Finally, after watching the video, does anyone doubt that the Inner Circle will soon up the DED threat level for the Drifters?

Correction: The original version of this post stated that the Drifters managed to severely damage the CONCORD Bureau station. This is incorrect. The station was originally damaged in an attack by the Thukker Elders in YC110.


  1. Awwww.... and I had a simply scathing comment all typed up correcting you about the Thukker attack... harumph. =\

  2. Sorry, but Rhavas beat you to it :)

  3. What's embarrassing is, the Angel Cartel have killed (stolen?) half the number of JFs that Capsuleers have killed in the last week. When rats are killing (stealing?) half as many as all the capsuleers combined, maybe JF's should be made slightly more risky :P

    There are reports on reddit of an Apoc being destroyed, but you've not got it here. When exactly did this happen? It might be worth checking the killboards.

    I'm wondering if the Drifters were dev-actors. Those are some disappointing kills for 5 drifter battleships, unless that's all that was there to shoot. If it was, how did the drifters die...

    Rob K.

    (PS:Also: It's Nestor)

  4. reminds me of: