Thursday, April 2, 2015

The April Fools' Day o7 Show

I watched yesterday's o7 Show at home on the Twitch recording and found a couple of interesting things. First, CCP Guard definitely changed since I saw him at Fanfest.

Next up, I found out I passed up a chance at making an appearance on the o7 Show. In a segment called "How Do You Say It???", various people who attended Fanfest were asked to try to pronounce some of the words from EVE. When I was approached, I ducked because I had a hard enough time speaking with my braces on, especially rubber-banded shut like they were that day. Oh well, I lost my shot at fame and fortune.

Of course, what's an o7 Show without a community roundup. Highlighted was a player gathering in Finland that occurred during Fanfest. CCP Guard and CCP Mimic also pointed out that over 400 tickets for EVE Vegas were sold in the first couple of weeks. Hendrick Tallardar produced a video, The o7 Report, that reviewed null sec news, NPSI activity, and titan kills.

CCP Fozzie came on to talk about planned changes, which is always kind of dangerous on April Fool's Day. But players should receive a lot of goodies (with a couple of nerfs) on 28 April. First, the new ship skins will make their first appearance on Tranquility, with the skins available for testing on Singularity now.

Null sec will see a lot of changes, with iHub and iHub upgrades receiving size reductions so deep space transports can deploy them. Also, the players will begin manufacturing the structures at that time.

Next, null sec mining will receive changes whose details will emerge in a dev blog scheduled for publication next week. The big changes are the revamping of the mineral ratios of existing ores and the doubling of the amounts of megacyte and zydrine required for almost all blueprints.

Also, the Entosis module will make its appearance on Tranquility so that players can stock up before the new sov capture mechanics take effect on 3 June. The Entosis modules will consume strontium plus add mass to ships. CCP Fozzie created a thread in the Features and Ideas section of the forums for players to give more feedback.

We will also see ship balance changes at the end of April. Battlecruisers will receive a warp speed increase up to 2.7 AU and command ships an increase up to 3 AU. Also, warp rigs will impose a signature radius penalty instead of the current CPU penalty in order to make using the warp rigs less painful. Tech 3 destroyers will lose a significant amount of power grid, become slower and less agile, and see an increase in the materials required to build the ships.

In other changes, the corporate user interface will receive a make-over, the garage door cyno tactic will come to an end, and 2 new burner missions from the Serpentis and Blood Raiders designed for cruisers will make their debut.

Finally, the show ended with an interview with Kira Tsukimoto of Brave Newbies and The Neocom Podcast and a celebrity match between Jayne Fillon vs Gorski Car. For those who placed bets on the match, Gorski didn't throw the fight.


  1. So high sec mining gets hammered again in a relative scale as null sec mining gets another massive boost. Just like module tiericide destroys any point in loot collection for high sec missioning.

    fozzie really does hate high sec. And as long as he and others are allowed to destroy the game's entry point for new players, CCP is doomed to repeat its failures retaining players, even with this so-called focus on the NPE.

  2. What is your argument for the mining situation in high-sec to be more favorable than the mining situation in null-sec?

  3. Hapthor needs this own title. CCP Gjallahorn perhaps? Put him in charge of Troll Managment and DDOS liaison ;)

  4. This is all an attempt to get people to start mining in null. Up until the ore rebalancing, the majority of ore mined in null was the high-end, null-only ore. This was then taken to high, refined, and the excess used to buy the vast amount of low-end ore required for production. CCPs recent efforts have been an attempt to make mining in null for production purposes at least viable. Regardless, the simple fact is that with very few exceptions, there simply is not enough of a null market capable of supplying the amount of low-end minerals required for production. Highsec will continue to be the primary supplier of low-end minerals to the big industrial concerns.

  5. I was not even going to comment on such a laughable reply by you, but then thought that any new players reading Noizy's blog could get sucked in by your propaganda.

    Null sec mining is orders of magnitude better than high sec mining, right now, before these buffs to null. The refining is far far better, the value of the ores in asteroids is far better, and the safety level in a deep enclave of null is many many times safer than high sec.

  6. I find that interesting, since most null miners tend to disagree. I don't do mining, so i honestly don't know. Somewhere, there's a comment about bees and honey.

    I can speak about ratting, though, where incursions and wh space have it all over null.