Friday, April 17, 2015

The Lore Behind EVE's New Ship Skins

To say The Scope news video on CCP released on YouTube today was a bit surprising I think is an understatement. We now know the origins of the Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoatings, or SKINS. Would you believe Serpentis technology designed for smuggling operations? The main story of the video tells the story of the Caldari Navy capturing a Serpentis Rhea-class jump freighter, the Seeadler.

Other stories of note in the news scroll:

Imperial Armaments continue to deny research into antikythera element is for the purposes of weaponization.

CONCORD re-opens independant political organization identity registration after one year delay due to Inner Circle debates on interstellar political relevance of capsuleer entities.

Caldari Navy reports significant increase in Guristas pirate activity in Pure Blind and Lonetrek with military experts citing seizure of [SPC] Seeadler as probably cause. Narcotics and combat boosters to the value of 65 billion ISK destroyed by Caldari Navy after seizure from [SPC] Seeadler on April 1st.

Legion of xXDeathXx loses significant ground in Geminate as sovereignty drops in seven systems.


  1. Another bit I noticed is that one of the freighter names is the Otago. Making it the second reference to New Zealand I've noticed, the first reference being moas, which show up in a lot of MMOs.

  2. The skins lore was nicely done. Now if I can obtain a method of IFF adjustment.