Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Time To Reread The Empyrean Age

"Goonswarm 2015: We are not here to ruin your game, but to ~enhance your immersion~"
The Mittani

Yesterday TMC published the latest Goonswarm Federation Alliance Update. Not very much news was proclaimed, really. Just that the name of the coalition was changing from the Cluster Fuck Coalition to The Imperium. And that the coalition will withdraw from Fountain and Cloud Ring before the new sovereignty system hits Tranquility on 2 June. Oh, and Get Off My Lawn and The Bastion will occupy Vale of the Silent while Executive Outcomes moves to Branch. I suspect that means that the GSF's rental alliance, Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere , will soon disband to make room for the regular members of the coalition.

But for me, the big news is the The Imperium's first campaign:
"The first act of our new Imperium: we formally declare our undying loyalty to the True Emperor of Amarr: Maximilian Singularity VI, First of His Name. Anyone in New Eden declaring for the False Empress Jamyl will be violently disabused of their heresy and their territory forfeit. Until the CONCORD-protected zones declare for the True Emperor, we'll have to content ourselves with enforcing the True Emperor's truth across Providence the moment that Fozziesov goes live. We grant Providence the opportunity to reflect upon their sins and seek redemption by bending the knee, just as I have." 
Sure, The Mittani and his leadership team plan to use Providence as a testing ground for evaluating new tactics in sovereignty warfare. But the way The Mittani has couched his coalition's actions almost forces CVA to put up a fight. Sure, Empress Jamyl violated the doctrine of Sacred Flesh and had herself cloned in order to survive the defeat of her champion during the Succession Trials. But Maximilian Singularity VI, First of His Name, is not one of the heirs of the five royal houses.

Of course, The Mittani, or more likely his diplomatic corp operating in Maximilian's name, could argue that the Sarum family has forfeited its place to rule the Amarr Empire, much like what happened to the Khanid Family after Garkeh Khanid refused to commit Shathol'Syn following the ascension of Heideran Kador to the throne in 22762 AD. Just as the Tash-Murkon family replaced the Khanid, so could one argue that the house of Singularity should replace the Sarum.

Does anyone think that CVA will meekly stand back and watch The Mittani place a successor onto the Amarr throne? Even if CVA buys into the legal precedent that if a heir of an Amarr royal house fails to commit Shathol'Syn, then the house is stripped of its royal titles, I would expect that they would want to place one of their own on the throne. At that point, I can foresee an "Amarrian" civil war, with CVA encouraged to persevere by the realistic belief that Goonswarm will eventually tire of the war and move on to bigger and better things.

Quite frankly, I hope both sides fight just to see how CCP handles the situation. The possibilities for future The Scope news updates is endless. But in the meantime, once I finish my current book, I think I'll reread The Empyrean Age and Templar One again. Something tells me I may need to brush up on my Amarrian lore.


  1. CVA has no chance of fighting the blob, so why should they even bother giving the Goons the satisfaction? Better to withdraw to Misaba and wait for them to go away again.

    I predict all of sov-null (except CFC regions) to become an uninhabited wasteland after June. The nullsec game is finished, the bad guys won.

  2. I watched a 'TMC Live' (<-- not this one though...) where I first heard mittens discuss this idea... I finished re-reading Empyrean Age a few weeks ago and am re-halfway through Templar One... =]

    I'm not a RPer as such... but I do feel we have our place in the lore of New Eden... so while I Grr Gewns I also get that they are just being the Ebil Empire of New Eden and as such I can appreciate, if not actually like their take on the game...

    Through, mittens and the Goons 'role playing' in EVE is just too damn funny...

  3. Amarr Victor, baby! Emperor Maximilian Singularity VI has blessed his new forces. (See his quote at the top of the comment thread now at TMC. It has the most up votes, naturally.)

    I have a copy of The Empyrean Age on my Kindle. It might be time to actually press on and read it.

  4. Someone must say it: Maximilian Singularity VI is a stupid name for someone who IS NOT the 6th of his name.

  5. It's something to do.
    What more do you want from a game? ;)

    More seriously, the goons are unlikely to throw their full strength in, (travel changes making that dangerous as heck) and CVA aren't famed for running from a fight. If it becomes clear that the new system makes it unsustainable, sure, cva should pull out, but there's no harm in having a bunch of fights first.

  6. Sixth? He is of the proud Vl familiy. They eschew all vowels and most consonants, only the holy numbers 22 and 12 of the alphabet are worthy of their name.

  7. Jamyl influenced or even controled by 'The Other'
    Maximilian influenced or even controled by 'The Mittani'
    Amarr emperors seem to like voices inside their heads.

    As a Minmatar I will have to restock projectile bullets to shoot both of them.

  8. True, I used to be in CVA once. CVA will indeed fight and will likely enjoy the content at first.

    However it does seem somewhat too east to destroy sov with Fozziesov. I'm wondering why anyone not in CFC would bother with it.

  9. Some of N3 are nearby as well, I wonder if PL and Russians are gonna come over to play. By the end of this Provi ends up in some crazy patches.