Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Holding Fire

Some readers of the blog may know about allegations floating around the EVE sub-reddit linking a gambling website with a major black market shop on Player Auctions. I've read the opening posts of both threads and, to say the least, I'm not impressed. The accuser has offered no proof of the connection between the gambling website and the ISK seller. None. So little proof, in fact, that I won't even bother linking to the Reddit posts.

The accuser's story has enough holes that I believe that one of two things is occurring. The first is that the accuser is a disgruntled customer of the gambling website. The second is that the accuser works for a rival RMT shop. The shop on Player Auctions the accuser is listing is the biggest ISK seller on Player Auctions. A ban wave would definitely help its competitors.

The accuser stated he has submitted a ticket with Team Security about the matter. Perhaps he saved all the really good evidence for the ticket. But whether or not the allegations against the gambling site are true, I really hope we see a ban wave emerge from this situation, because that shop on Player Auctions sells a lot of ISK. But I won't disclose just how much until a ban wave hits. Hey, I need something new to include in that post, right?

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