Friday, March 25, 2016

A Quick Production Tip

Sometimes rummaging through the journal and inventory can provide ideas for what to do next in EVE. Last week I decided to visit all of my research agents and faced a question: why was I farming Gallentean Spaceship Engineering datacores? I then went through my ship inventory and realized I only had one Prospect. One Prospect? Unbelievable! Especially since I had 6 Prospect blueprint copies sitting in a station. I needed to build some expedition frigates.

Now for the tip. Instead of just buying the components off the market, I decided to purchase the ingredients and make them myself. Why? The simplest explanation is that I like doing things the hard way sometimes. But I made a silly mistake. I put my blueprints into cargo containers to organize them, but my organizational skills were a bit off. Some of the components wound up in one cargo container, and some in another, and the materials were in a third. Needless to say, when trying to build an item remotely, the interface only lets the builder select one location, so I could not begin the run remotely. Sure, flying nine jumps to the station to rearrange my inventory isn't a major hardship, but I did have to fly through some busy systems. Fortunately, everyone is busy with the Easter content, so the only ships I saw belonged to NPCs.

I also discovered the reason for acquiring the Gallentean Spaceship Engineering datacores: expedition frigates. Researching expedition frigate blueprints requires a Venture blueprint copy, 2 Gallentean Spaceship Engineering datacores, and 2 Laser Physics datacores. Did I mention I do not have any Endurance-class ice mining frigates? So I put 10 blueprints in the queue, and at a 42% chance of success, hope to get 4 Endurance blueprint copies I can use to build my own ships.

I know, industry isn't very exciting. I do like the puzzle game, though, as I try to figure out the best way to build items in the game. I also do have a plan for all the ships I am building. One must always have a plan while playing EVE. Now, if figuring out how to execute the plan didn't require so much research and outside the client thought. But if I really wanted something mindless, I'd play a first-person shooter, right?

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