Monday, March 7, 2016

CCP Stream Snipes Too

Just a quick post about an amusing incident today. Jezaja from the Giant Secure Container blog posted a video on YouTube of Twitch streamer RedThreatTV receiving a 30-day vacation for all 26 of his accounts for using ISBoxer in a EULA violating way. I watched the video and Mr. Red Threat seemed pretty chill about the whole situation, although the Twitch viewers were a different story.

I was a little more interested in what Mr. Red Threat did to receive the ban. So I looked up the VOD and took a screenshot of the very beginning of the stream.

Using ISBoxer is allowed for simple window management. Using the DXNothing window or other video effects to create a custom client to control two or more accounts is not allowed. CCP announced this was no longer allowed as of 1 January 2015, then clearly spelled out the fact at Fanfest last March. Only two weeks ago, CCP published a security dev blog that stated the following:
"Similarly, overlays using elements from a second or multiple other EVE clients to allow the player to activate modules etc. on those other game instances without switching to the other client windows are clearly in violation of our rules."
The screenshot above is a perfect example of something that is not allowed. Mr. Red Threat, if the banner running through the center of the page is accurate, even knew how he used ISBoxer was dodgy and subjected himself to the risk of receiving bans.

I do want to emphasis a little inconvenient fact. Unlike what was stated by some of the commenters in the Twitch chat, the EULA was not recently updated. The latest security dev blog just reemphasized what is and is not allowed. So hopefully people will begin to read the rules and adjust their game play accordingly.

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