Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Would You Pay $800 For 1 Million Skill Points?

Last night I sent out a tweet about a guy who purchased 200 skill injectors and a 167 million skill point pilot for $1,450 sometime yesterday. The guy created his account on Player Auctions on Sunday and immediately started making purchases.

Details of the Dreigoth account on Player Auctions

Imagine my surprise when one of my corpmates, Ned Thomas, sent me a link to a kill mail of a guy named Dreigoth who lost a Mammoth in Inaro carrying 198 skill injectors. The comments on the killmail assumed an RMT operation in which the RMTer destroys the ship of an alt in order to see if the objects in the cargohold drop. I never understand why anyone believes that, but a lot of players do. In this instance, no laundering of the skill injectors took place. Dreigoth was the buyer, spending $800 USD on the skill injectors.

Details of Dreigoth's loss mail
Ned wished that we had proof that Dreigoth had purchased the skill injectors before the loss of the Mammoth. So I did a little more digging and found another review.

Figuring out the date/time of the review
I found the list of reviews for the seller, with Dreigoth's account listed as the most recent buyer. Doing a little math, I determined that the review was posted on Player Auctions at 0934 EVE time on 21 March. The time of the kill mail? 1754 on 21 March. Either Dreigoth spent $1450 on the black market, or he is the victim of an incredible set of coincidences.

I'm still curious as to the whereabouts of the character Dreigoth purchased. I'll post the image I downloaded of the character below.

As far as I know, Dreigoth still has his $650 character. But as for his skill injectors? Looks like he got to use 2 out of the 200 he purchased. So I have a question. Would you pay $800 for 1 million skill points?

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