Monday, June 21, 2021

Council Of Stellar Management 16 Election Results

Today CCP announced the results of the election for the 16th edition of the Council of Stellar Management. The 38,066 votes cast was a 5.4% increase over last year's election. Only one candidate running for re-election, Phantomite, lost. As expected, 7 of the 10 winning candidates come from the null sec blocs. The winning candidates, and the round of the simulation they clinched victory, are below.

  • Merkelchen (1)
  • Gobbins (1)
  • Innominate (1)
  • Brisc Rubal (20)
  • Kenneth Feld (26)
  • I Beast (33)
  • Suitonia (34)
  • Vily (36)
  • progodlegend (36)
  • Mike Azariah (36)

Merkelchen and Gobbins, as the top of the tickets of the two largest blocs, won on initial first place votes. The final two candidates to win a seat, progodlegend and Mike Azariah, did not reach quota. 

For those wondering, the final wormhold candidate, Mark Resurrectus, was eliminated in round 35 of the simulation. The last candidate eliminated, Arsia Elkin, lost by 350 votes. Arsia is a Minmatar/EDENCOM roleplayer who appears on Talking in Stations.

I can't really say I'm surprised at who won. I was surprised at the power of The Imperium's ballot effort this year, as Brisc Rubal received a meaningful trickle down effect for the first time in his three campaigns. The trickle even reached Suitonia, the 9th candidate on The Imperium ballot, in significant numbers.

I'm sure that someone in null sec will try to use the results to chest beat about their coalition being better than the other. PAPI managed to get 4 members on the CSM to The Imperium's 3. Here is a breakdown of the winners by alliance.

  • Goonswarm Federation - 2
  • Test Alliance Please Ignore - 2
  • Pandemic Horde - 1
  • Pandemic Legion - 1
  • The Initiative. - 1
  • WE FORM V0LTA - 1
  • Worst Alliance Ever - 1
  • No Alliance - 1

I'll dig into the data later to see if I can spot any trends. But for now, the election is over. Let the complaining on Reddit and the forums begin.

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