Friday, June 18, 2021

I'll Pass On Federation Day

I have to admit I've never paid much attention to the Gallente Federation's Federation Day events. To tell the truth, except for the Intaki, I don't care much for the Gallente. No, I'm not Caldari. My main characters are Matari. Over the years, CCP has made the Gallente more friendly to the Minmatar people. When I started playing back in 2009, the Gallente didn't allow folks of Minmatar descent to hold office at the Federation level. One might even say Matari citizens in the Gallente Federation were considered second-class citizens, fit only for manual labor and military service.

I decided to give the event a shot. Since I'd helped build the Irgrus-Pakhshi gate in the previous event, I made my way to Gallente space via that route.

Project Discovery Phase Two Monument in Pakhshi

I decided to stop and visit the Project Discovery monument in Pakhshi. A pretty impressive bit of work by the art department. I liked the boundary set by radio telescopes surrounding a station projecting a solar system. After taking several screenshots, I moved on.

Pakhshi contains a number of regional gates. My destination was Renyn in the Crux constellation of Essence. The Crux constellation was one of four constellations listed as having the Mining Blitz sites.

The Mining Blitz sites are not really compelling gameplay. I did them in the Stargate Trailblazer's event and stopped when I had enough loyalty points for a complete Minmatar outfit. When I reached Renyn, I docked in the top station to see what the Gallente outfits looked like.

Not much different from the Minmatar version

I wasn't that impressed. I like the color, but the outfit basically is a different colored version of the Minmatar outfit with Gallente patches. I didn't feel like spending hours grinding for something that really is only seen in character portraits anyway. The other items in the LP store were SKINs for Gallente ships. I don't fly Gallente ships, so I took a pass on the event.

As for the other events, I don't have an interest in visiting the parades. I guess maybe I should just for the screenshots, but I have better things to do. One of those better things doesn't involve the Abyssal Proving Grounds. I guess people into arena combat might enjoy the 2v2v2 event made up of teams consisting of a cruiser and an assault frigate, but I'm not one of those players. The three new monuments spotlighted in the article are of interest, but since two of them are in dangerous space, I'll just wait until the crowd dies down. I'm not in any hurry to see them.

I wish I could compose a 1500 word post extolling the virtues of the event. But honestly, not all events are for everyone. At the beginning of the season, CCP stated each of the four NPC empires would have an event. I'm actually looking forward to the Minmatar event. The Gallente? I'm not really a big fan.

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