Monday, January 11, 2010

Eve Sovereignty News from 10 January 2010

Aldrat [Nosy Gamer News] - The big news Sunday came from the Southwest quadrant of New Eden where a major fleet battle occurred system 49-U6U in Querious between Goonswarm and an attacking force consisting of Systematic-Chaos and Against ALL Authorities. While actual losses for each side are confused due to massive spatial distortion in the battle space, Dotlan showed a total of 968 ships and 319 pods lost from all causes on 10 January. While Goonswarm maintains sovereignty, two members in the attacking force indicated that the Ihub was successfully placed into reinforced status by the SyS-K/AAA fleet.

In other news from the Southwest, Black Star Alliance succeeded in seizing the sovereignty of system 1-5GBW in Fountain away from Pandemic Legion. The capture of 1-5GBW completes Black Star Alliance's campaign to capture all of the systems in the Skaven constellation.

In other news from the South, Libertas Fidelitas secured sovereignty over 4 systems in the Catch region. The four systems, F9E-KX, SV5-8N, WD-VTV, and 9KOE-A, were systems that Against ALL Authorities had abandoned sovereignty over in mid-December. The four systems increases the number of systems Libertas Fidelitas controls from six to 10 and adds 37 mineral asteroid belts to the areas it controls. One source inside AAA stated that once the alliance's action against Goonswarm is complete that Libertas Fidelitas will be "dealt with."

In the Southeastern quadrant of New Eden, the Immensea region saw Initiative Mercenaries take sovereignty over system 08-N7Q, a system with 8 mineral and 1 ice asteroid belt. The system is the fourth system Initiative Mercenaries have taken control over since 11-12 December when 4 corporations left the alliance; two for Black Star Alliance. The turmoil continues within the alliance with the 16 member Trinity Council corporation leaving the alliance on 8 January.

Finally in the South, the 8 corporation Syndicate of Independent Nations claimed its first 0.0 system, X9V-15 in Scalding Pass. The 19 belt system had been unclaimed since Primary. relinquished sovereignty on 2 December.

In the North, the volatile Geminate region saw Wicked Nation lose sovereignty over V-MZW0. Wicked Nation had taken over sovereignty of the valuable system from Wildly Inappropriate. on 2 December.

The conflict over Geminate may be affecting sovereignty in other regions of the North. In Outer Passage, SOLAR FLEET lost sovereignty in four systems; 24I-FE, 4H-YJZ, U-FQ21, and V-SEE6. All four systems are in the IM-8S5 constellation and SOLAR FLEET still holds the gateway system into the constellation, Q0K-SX. This may be a move by SOLAR FLEET to free up resources to use in the fighting in Geminate.

In the adjacent Cobalt Edge region, SOLAR WING gained sovereignty in three of the systems in the 5ZAB-N constellation; 4GSZ-1, 9-7SRQ, and VEQ-3V. SOLAR WING apparently gained sovereignty over the three systems when former Shadow of xXDeathXx corporation Colonists of Eve joined SOLAR WING on 10 January. Colonists of Eve had left Shadow of xXDeathXx on 8 January.

The actions of Colonists of Eve highlight a growing problem for Shadow of xXDeathXx; the continuing hemorrhaging of systems. The alliance lost 3 more systems on Sunday; NHKO-4 and Y-UO9U in Outer Passage and GGMF-J in Oasa. Over the past 7 days, Shadow of xXDeathXx has lost sovereignty over 14 systems while gaining sovereignty in 3 others. Overall, the alliance has seen a net loss of 60 systems over the past 4 weeks.

Also in Cobalt Edge, Antaeus Combine gained sovereignty over E-BYOS. With the acquisition of E-BYOS, Antaeus Combine now has control of all but one system in the SI1-SF constellation.

In Cloud Ring, Bokhiuld Lomrek Ujjdja Egok lost its last system in 0.0 space, 8R-RTB. Following the loss of the system, the alliance suffered a major failscade with 4 corporations, All-In, Yarrbear Inc., Le Clan Pluie De Coups, and Genesis Fighter Corp leaving. Cry Havoc. gained sovereignty over one of the former Bokhiuld Lomrek Ujjdja Egok systems, Q-UA3C.

Finally, the Pure Blind region saw two changes in sovereignty. Mostly Harmless lost another system, P-2TTL, making it the 23rd system it had lost sovereignty over since 20 December. The fact that makes this loss stand out is that Mostly Harmless lost its station in the system to Initiative., the first time the alliance had lost a station during this time.

The second change in the Pure Blind region was Dark Pride Alliance gaining sovereignty over R-LW2I. This is Dark Pride Alliance's first claimed system in 0.0 space.

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