Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Eve Sovereignty News from 11 January 2010

I'm still working out the format for these reports. I've decided in the interest of my time (some of which I want to use to play Eve) to forgo putting in hyperlinks for every system that sees a change in sovereignty. I'll make sure I always include a link to Dotlan EveMaps, the source of my basic facts. Also, Dotlan does provide killmail information but when the killmails start reaching over 300, I haven't figured out a way to quickly tally them.

Aldrat [Nosy Gamer News] - Major fighting continued in the Querious region's 49-U6U as Goonswarm continued to hold onto sovereignty in the face of a combined Systematic-Chaos/Against ALL Authorities fleet. While reports on actual ship losses remain confused, Dotlan reported that 674 ships and 193 pods were destroyed in the system from all causes on 11 January. During the fighting, Goonswarm managed to destroy two Against ALL Authorities Sovereignty Blockade Units. The Interstellar Correspondents are reporting that AAA may be distracted from their efforts against Goonswarm by the actions yesterday of Libertas Fidelitas in seizing sovereignty in four systems in Catch.

While the fierce fighting continued on Goonswarm's eastern border, Goon allies Pandemic Legion lost sovereignty in two systems to the northwest of Goonswarm's holdings. In Cloud Ring, Pandemic Legion lost sovereignty over QXW-PV and in Fountain lost control of A-HZYL.

In other news from the galactic South, former Shadow of xXDeathXx corporation Colonist of EvE gained control of B-T6BT in Cache for their new alliance, SOLAR WING. SOLAR WING had abandoned sovereignty over the system on 29 December.

In Wicked Creek alliances picked up three abandoned systems. G00DFELLAS picked up LKZ-CY, its fourth system in the region since 28 December. The second system was EIH-IU, aquired by INDUSTRIAL REV0LUTI0N and abandoned by Triumvirate. on 13 December. And death from above.. acquired 0FC-ZX, a system abandoned by Sc0rched Earth on 12 July.

Finally in Southern news, Consortium. gained sovereignty over system S0U-MO in Insmother. According to available records, this is the first time that any corporation has claimed the system with 3 asteroid belts and no moons worth mining.

In the North, fighting continued in Geminate with Ihatalo Cartel Navy losing sovereignty over B-F1MI, reducing the number of systems held by the 246 member alliance down to two. Eych Four Eks Zero Ahr managed to pick up its second system in 0.0, E-91FV, both in Geminate's F-ZNNG constellation.

In Pure Blind, The Initiative. completed its conquest of system P-2TTL from Mostly Harmless. Yesterday, the alliance seized control of the P2 outpost in the system from Mostly Harmless. Also in the region, Fear Th3 Vampires claimed sovereignty over S4GH-I and DT-TCD, its first two systems in 0.0 space. The alliance now claims systems with 8 R16 moons, 11 R8 moons, and 16 asteroid belts.

In Etherium Reach, two systems experienced sovereignty changes. Red Alliance lost sovereignty of system 3IK-7O while Shadow of xXDeathXx gained sovereignty over 1GH-48. Shadow of xXDeathXx continued to buck its trend of shedding systems by also regaining sovereignty over the Oasa region's system LA2-KV, a system it had abandoned on 22 December.

Finally, in Vale of the Silent, On the Rocks picked up its third system in 0.0 space, 6WW-28. All three systems are in the YUT3-U constellation.

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