Sunday, January 17, 2010

Future Plans

I've decided I am not going to try to cover sovereignty in Eve Online anymore. Quite frankly, while putting the posts together was interesting, I don't really have that much time in real life to devote to it. If anyone really wants to know what is going on, they can always go to Dotlan and find out. That's what I did. I just put words to the facts.

I do have another project in mind though, one that isn't time sensitive so I can take a couple of days off working on it if real life gets in the way. I'd like to wade through Dotlan and make some posts describing the regions of New Eden. I haven't really figured out how detailed the posts will be yet, but I know it will take quite a bit of work. For example, I plan to describe constellations and Metropolis has 23 constellations.

I also have another reason for changing directions. On Friday I just missed a fleet call-up because I was working on what turned out to be the last post in the series. I've created a Bellicose CL-B based on Kirith's Eve Tribune article and I want to find out how well it works out. Yes, I know it's a friggin' Bellicose so the odds are it can't turn out well, but who knows? Training the skills to actually fly the ship decently may wind up helping me in the long run. I'll have to make a post with my fit and the success (or failure) I have with it. I've bought 3 of the EWAR cruisers and bought T1 fittings for them, so losing them won't be very painful.

I do have one other thing on my mind. Kirith put into my head the idea of writing something for the Eve Tribune. I'm going to try to find something that could put some isk in my wallet. I'm just not sure what it is yet.

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