Sunday, January 10, 2010

Eve Sovereignty News from 9 January 2010

I'm going to try my hand at tracking the sovereignty changes occuring in Eve Online. I found the Dotlan Eve Maps site so I'm going to try my hand at a little reporting. Here goes:

Aldrat [Nosy Gamer News] - In the North yesterday fighting continued in the Geminate region as SOLAR FLEET seized control of system Y8R-XZ from Wildly Inappropriate. Wildly Inappropriate. had held the system since 2 June when the alliance seized control of the system from United Freemen Alliance. This is the second system in Geminate that SOLAR FLEET has captured in the last 2 weeks and marks the third Geminate system that Wildly Inappropriate. has lost since 29 December.

In other Northern news, The United Front Alliance continued its offensive in the Branch region when it regained the sovereignty of system T-Q2DD. This is the UFA's second attempt at holding sovereignty in the region, having held it from 3-8 January. If UFA can maintain control of T-Q2DD, it would mark the ninth system in Branch the alliance has seized since 15 December.

Finally in Northern news, Bokhiuld Lomrek Ujjdja Egok lost sovereignty of system Q-UA3C in the Cloud Ring region. Bokhiuld Lomrek Ujjdja Egok first took control of the system containing an ice belt from Slammer's Republic on 23 November and had held sovereignty continuously since 1 December. The loss of Q-UA3C leaves the 7 corporation alliance holding just one system.

The South saw major sovereignty activity yesterday with the most changes taking place in the south-eastern part of New Eden. In Wicked Creek, Vivisection. gained control of 1-7BD6, a system Triumvirate. had controlled from 3 October to 8 January. Also in Wicked Creek, G00DFELLAS gained control of system JQU-KY which had laid unclaimed since 19 August and R-I-P picked up J-RXYN, a small system with 1 regular asteroid belt and one ice belt that had lain unclaimed since 22 February 2009. J-RXYN is R-I-P's only system over which it claims sovereignty.

In Insmother, H E L I C O N claimed sovereignty of a system with an ice belt, Q7-FZ8, that had been held by Atlas Alliance from 16 October to 29 December. Q7-FZ8 is the only system that the 18-month old alliance currently holds.

In Scalding Pass, Die Patrizier lost sovereignty of one of its three systems, 4E-EZS. The system had lain unclaimed from 26 June to 14 December when Die Patrizier laid claim to the system.

In Tenerifis, AAA Citizens reclaimed sovereignty of two systems it had lost control over on 13 December, MS1-KJ and 7M4C-F. Acquiring the two systems has been part of the massive activity happening within AAA Citizens since 13 December when the alliance lost sovereignty over 16 systems, 7 of them in Tenerifis.

Finally, in the south-west of New Eden, Rebellion Alliance gained control of system A-5F4A in Quellious. The previous owner, Goonswarm, gained control of the system during the offensive against the corporation formerly known as Band of Brothers and held the system from 8 June to 29 December.

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