Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eve Sovereignty News from 15 January 2010

Aldrat [Nosy Gamer News] - Friday proved to be a quiet day in two regions that saw major changes this week as Geminate saw no changes in sovereignty and Fountain only saw the taking of sovereignty away from Sons of Tanga of the V6-NY1 system by Black Star Alliance. The V6-NY1 system only added 3 R8 moons and 4 asteroid belts to the Black Star Alliance’s 0.0 space holdings and reduced the number of systems that Sons of Tanga claims down to 2.

The main region of volatility was in the galactic East. In Outer Passage, Legion of Death gained control over N-I024 while Shadow of xXDeathXx lost sovereignty over 2ULC-3. VooDoo Technologies gained sovereignty over 6-GRN7, adding 11 asteroid and 2 ice belts to its 4 system portfolio.

Red Alliance led all alliances Friday by gaining sovereignty over two systems, 1S-SU1 in The Kalevala Expanse and CYB-BZ in Etherium Reach. The two systems placed another 11 asteroid belts under the alliances control. In other sovereignty news from the regions, Shadow of xXDEATHXx lost sovereignty over 9-0QB7 in The Kalevala Expanse and in Etherium Reach the 142-member COASTAL BROTHERHOOD lost sovereignty over its only 0.0 space system QBZO-R. The news from the east concludes with the loss by SOLAR FLEET of The Spire's system 5LAJ-8.

In the galactic southeast, The Black Isle lost sovereignty over system 4-OS2A in Wicked Creek in the wake of having lost 2 corporations in the past three days. Two smaller alliances each claimed sovereignty over systems in the southeast. In Scalding Pass OMEGA. claimed its second 0.0 space system, 03-OR2. Not only did OMEGA. pick up another 8 asteroid belts, but 2 R32, 2 R16, 3 R8, and 7 gas moons. Finally, Clandestine Encounters claimed sovereignty over its first system in 0.0 space, the 1 asteroid belt RERZ-L system in Insmother.

Update: This is the last of the sovereignty posts. They are interesting to write, but take up too much time.

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