Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kirith's In Paxton? Oh Noes!

I like following Kirith Kodachi's writings whether it is on his blog or the Eve Tribune. But after reading his latest post I realized I better not meet him in game anyplace outside of high-sec on my main. I didn't know he was in Paxton Federation. I don't know what Eve University did to get set to -10 with them, but we haven't set standings with them. Since Eve University is a NRDS (Not Red Don't Shoot) alliance, that means that anyone from Paxton gets to take the first shot at us. Fortunately the Eve University rules prohibit students from going to Providence so we shouldn't have any problems. But just in case, I'll keep my target painters running hot!


  1. Eve U is -10 to us? Must have had some members pirating in Providence at some time and got on the KOS checker.

  2. Funny thing is the Uni is not KOS to CVA, and if I used that link right I confirmed it. As far as I know it is just a Paxton thing. I'll have to post what I saw in chat back in December.

  3. Just did some more research. We have a non-agression pact in place with CVA. And it happened in November sometime, not December. Now to just get some time to write it up.