Friday, January 15, 2010

Eve Sovereignty News from 14 January 2010

Aldrat [Nosy Gamer News] - Large scale fighting continued 14 January in the South as Against ALL Authorities claimed the sovereignty over SV5-8N in Catch, a system that Libertas Fidelitas had lost sovereignty over yesterday. At least 447 ships and 226 pods were destroyed in the second day of fighting between forces led by AAA and those from Providence like Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) supporting Libertas Fidelitas. Nearly 1000 ships were destroyed in the two days of fighting.

Also in the South, IT Alliance and its allies conducted mopping up operations against Pandemic Legion Territorial Control Units, with PL losing control over 5 systems: U-SOH2, H-NPXW, EI-O0O, 9O-ORX, and Z9PP-H. IT Alliance gained control over two of those systems, H-NPXW and U-SOH2 along with the stations in those systems while Talos Coalition gained sovereignty over a system Pandemic Legion had lost control over yesterday, D2AH-Z. For the one month old Talos Coalition, the system with 1 R64, 1R32, 3R16 moons and 20 asteroid belts represents the alliance's first claim of sovereignty in 0.0 space.

Finally in the South, Shadow of xXDEATHXx reclaimed sovereignty over the H-EBQG system in Insmother. H-EBQG is another of the systems that Shadow of xXDEATHXx let sovereignty expire over on Tuesday.

In contrast, the North was relatively quiet, with only one system changing status. Freelancer Coalition gained sovereignty over UBX-CC in Geminate, although the 152 member alliance did lose a large control tower to Atlas Alliance on Thursday.

- Sovereignty changes and ship losses provided by Dotlan.

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