Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eve Sovereignty News from 13 January 2010

Aldrat [Nosy Gamer News] - The big news in the South of New Eden today was IT Alliance and their allies rampaging through Fountain and seizing three Pandemic Legion systems and forcing the reigning Alliance Tournament champions to lose sovereignty over three others. IT Alliance seized control over systems 6F-H3W, DBRN-Z, L-1SW8 and the outposts in those systems in the Unicorn constellation. Pandemic Legion also lost sovereignty over the D2AH-Z, E-BWUU, and Y-1W01 systems, reducing the number of systems Pandemic Legion currently controls down to 10.

The fighting in Fountain extended beyond the conflict between the main combatants as IT Alliance ally Aeternus. seized sovereignty of the XUW-3X system in the Mermaid constellation away from Sons of Tangra. And in a demonstration that the IT Alliance-led forces were looking for territorial control of Fountain and were not just looking for revenge against Goonswarm’s allies, Aeternus. also forced Emergence. to lose sovereignty over 7X-02R. Emergence. had held 7X-02R since 4 January and was the alliance’s sole holding in 0.0 space.

While the major players battled for control over Fountain, a small alliance, the 81 member Muppets Alliance, gained sovereignty over 006-L3. In addition to its 6 asteroid belts, the system contains 1 R64, 1 R16, and 6 R8 moons. Aeternus. had claimed the system from 30 December to 3 January and may decide to return to the system soon since it appears that SPLOT will be driven from Fountain in the very near future.

On the other side of Goonswarm-held space in the South, Against ALL Authorities returned its attention back to Catch after the four day battle in 49-U6U and forced Libertas Fidelitas to lose sovereignty over SV5-8N. The system was one of four abandoned systems in Catch that Libertas Fidelitas gained sovereignty over while AAA was battling with Goonswarm in Querious.

In the southeast, The Syndicate of Independant Nations picked up sovereignty in a second system in Scalding Pass, X9V15. Like its first acquisition in 0.0 space JMH-PT, the system is in the 51ZT-6 system and borders on the Wicked Creek region. Also in Scalding Pass, Primary. gained sovereignty over M9-MLR, making the alliance the holder of 3 of the 7 systems in the EMP-SH constellation.

Rounding out the news from the South, The Initiative. gained sovereignty over IJE6-J, a system that Atlas Alliance abandoned on Tuesday, and the one-month old alliance, Cha0s Theory, claimed sovereignty over its first 0.0 system, UR-HG4 in Insmother.

In the North, fierce fighting continued in the Geminate system of K25-XD, with the combined losses for Wildly Inappropriate. and the Atlas/Red Alliance/SOLAR FLEET coalition numbering 471 ships and 143 pods killed on 13 January according to figures on Dotlan. Atlas Alliance is known to have lost two Sovereignty Blockade Units in the fighting.

While the fighting continued in K25-XD, The Transcendent claimed sovereignty in another system in Geminate, B-F1MI. The 10 asteroid belt system is The Transcendent's first claimed system in 0.0 space.

In the Perrigen Falls region, both Shadow of xXDEATHXx and SOLAR FLEET lost sovereignty over a system. Shadow of xXDEATHXx lost sovereignty over Z-ENUD, a system in which the alliance has allowed sovereignty to lapse 6 previous times since first acquiring the system 7 October 2008. The same pattern is seen in SOLAR FLEET's hold on O-QKSM. This is the fifth time the alliance has released sovereignty over the system since first establishing sovereignty over the system on 2 July 2008.

Finally, two alliances reclaimed sovereignty over systems they allowed sovereignty to lapse over yesterday. In Malpais, Flame Bridge reclaimed system VVB-QH and in Outer Passage Legion of xXDEATHXx reclaimed systems 4O-ZRI and NEU-UD.

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