Tuesday, October 26, 2010

CCP Adds Eve Voice To Eve Gate

CCP Priya published a dev blog Sunday about the changes coming to Eve Gate in the Incursion expansion.  Here is the part of the blog that I found interesting:

EVE Voice integration

We've been partnering with Vivox, which brings us EVE Voice, to create a first iteration of accessing EVE Voice through EVE Gate. This allows you to both listen and speak to your friends on the go, without having to load up a full EVE Client. Just  open EVE Gate, and you're all set!
This specific feature will not go live in conjunction with the Incursion launch but can be expected to be available just a few weeks after the expansion is in your hands. This is a very exciting feature we're really looking forward to bringing to you.
First, having had some experience with Vivox when SOE decided to integrate its Vivox voice service into the Station Launcher.  Quite frankly, SOE screwed up.  My guild was really starting to roll and we really liked the in-game voice system.  Then they decided to expand the capability to those outside the game and the resultant mess affected half the guild and we stopped doing big groups.  The experience led to so much frustration that we lost members and the guild never really did recover while I played.  I hope CCP does its implementation better.

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