Thursday, October 7, 2010

Questions For Recruits

I have a small, two member corporation that is so poor I usually have to put money in the corporate wallet every month.  But even I have been approached by someone asking to join the Khumaak Flying Circus.  Now, since this is Eve, trusting someone totally out of the blue is out of the question.  Good corporate leaders in New Eden live by that old Ronald Reagan statement, "trust but verify".  So I came up with some screening questions to ask.
  1. Why do you want to join Khumaak Flying Circus?
  2. What are you looking to accomplish in your capsuleer career?
  3. What are you looking to get from membership in KHA?
  4. What do you think you can contribute to KHA?
  5. Do you have any thoughts on the Amarr or the internal politics in the Minmatar Republic?
  6. When are you usually active?
  7. You know this is a very small startup, right?
If someone really wants to join the Circus, I wouldn't have a problem with it.  And if joining would advance a role-play story or something, I'd get a kick out of it.  But I do have to do some due diligence.  After all, we are talking about Eve.

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