Tuesday, October 19, 2010

EQ2 Finally Announces Server Merges

In a slight comedy of errors, SOE managed to send out emails to players announcing server mergers before posting the information on  Oops!  And actually, I found the email posted in the forums more informative than the official announcement or the more informative official forum post by Amnerys.  Beginning November 16th, the following servers will start merging and be no more:
  • Nektulos merged into Guk
  • Najena merged into Unrest 
  • Befallen merged into Oasis 
  • Blackburrow merged into Everfrost 
  • Mistmoore merged into Permafrost 
  • Kithicor merged into Butcherblock 
  • Runnyeye merged into Splitpaw (UK) 
  • Innovation merged into Valor (German)
Since all of my characters are on Permafrost, I'm just a little interested in the details.  Here are some facts only mentioned in the email.
*Character Names*
  • In the event of duplicate character names as a result of this server merge, priority will be given to the character who has logged in to the game within the past sixty (60) days; if both characters have logged in within the past sixty (60) days, then the character which has accrued the most gameplay time overall will retain its name. Other characters will have an "x" added to their names until a unique name has been determined.
  • Players with a character whose name has been affected by the server merge can type "/rename" in their in-game chat window and receive a one-time complimentary name change.
  • Guilds with leaders will be transferred intact; however, guilds without leaders will not be transferred and will be deleted as part of this event. If you belong to a guild on a merged world which currently does not have a leader and you wish to have the guild transferred as part of this scheduled server merge, please submit an in-game petition (/petition) in order to resolve this situation prior to the scheduled date of this server merge.
  • Priority for guild names will be given to the guild with the earliest guild creation date, with such guild keeping its name and the other guild having an "x" added to its name.
  • Guilds whose names have been affected by the server merge that wish to change their guild's name will need to use the in-game /petition� command.
*In Your Home*
  • All items in characters' homes will be inherited by the home's owner during the merge. If you have alts that own any items, have designated any trustees to your character's home or if you are a trustee in another character's home, please arrange for the appropriate owner to retrieve its items before the server merge begins.
  • After the merge any vendor items in your transferred character's house will need to be re-placed in your character's new home.
  • You can use the house vault of the character which is being transferred for storage. The items in your transferred character's house vault will remain associated with that character during the server merge.
  • As noted above, your transferred character's house items, including any vendor crates containing such character's broker inventory, will need to be re-placed in that character's new home.
  • Vendor Events (i.e. the logs of what was sold, to whom, when, etc.) will not transfer as part of the server merge.
  • Until your transferred character concludes a sale on the newly merged server, that character's Total Coin Gain will display 0. After that character makes a sale, it will display the sum of the total amount of coin that such character has gained on both servers.
I did a little checking and my main Rosemarie is still the highest level Rosemarie in the game.  However, there is a level 5 Rosemarie on Mistmoore that I have to beware of if I don't want a new name when I finally re-sub for the Velious expansion.  Looks like I may have to pay $5 and use the Passport service just to save my name.

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