Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meanwhile, Back In Space

Eve Online is a virtual world, so that means life in space doesn't stop just because I'm playing Dragon Age.  Wandering Rose just finished learning Minmatar Frigate V, which means she's almost ready to start flying Cheetahs.  One of my goals this year is to get into hauling so I'd like my industrial pilot to be able to fly the Cheetah, Prowler and Orca.  The Cheetah and Prowler for smuggling runs into low-sec and the Orca for high volume runs in high sec.  Next on the list is learning Planetary Interaction skills to earn some more money and basic skills to make my ships more effective.

Rosewalker just finished Minmatar Cruiser V, which makes a lot of ships just a couple of hours training away.  Currently he is training Research Project Management IV to get another research agent available (that would make 6 across both accounts) and then some more skills before learning how to fly battleships.

CCP has not been quiet either.  While I marvel at the story in Dragon Age, the story of Pierre Allendreau and his "Liberty" pills continues.  In the next expansion, Incursion, the Sansha Nation will invade Empire space from wormholes and the residents of New Eden are preparing.  While the Gallente authorities frown on the suicide pill, many people are of the opinion it is better to be dead than Sansha.

And finally Eve Online Senior Producer CCP t0rfifrans released a dev blog on the new character creator that will be introduced in Incarna.  While the choices really won't matter until Incarna hits in the summer of 2011, I'm looking forward to playing around with the character creator.  This passage really has me interested.
The new character creator is more hands-on than the old one. We really wanted you to feel like you were sculpting the face yourself and tried to limit the amount of sliders as much as possible, putting sculpting of the face and body and posing of the face into the character model. In sculpt mode, you grab onto the nose and move the mouse to make it a bigger, push in the chin, pull the forehead and so on. Once you‘re done sculpting and picking clothes, hair and such, you use the same method for posing. You grab your eyes and move them to control where your character is supposed to look, you grab the mouth to make him smile, and pull on the eyebrows to make the smile look a little mean.
Oh, and one more thing before signing off.  This quote about test servers is all so true...

Singularity is our test server. We put things there to see how they break.

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