Monday, October 25, 2010

A Weekend In Space

This weekend I spent my gaming time solely in Eve Online trying to meet one of the goals I forgot to write down in August: jump clone capacity for the Khumaak Flying Circus.  Over the past two weeks I've concentrated on the task and managed to raise the corps standings with Eifyr and Co. from .85 to 5.10.  I'm amazed how fast the grind has gone.  I guess that is the result of doing level 3 kill missions with a Hurricane and Cyclone and level 3 courier missions in a Prowler.  Of course, I'm not salvaging, which speeds things up considerably.  

Why grind faction with Eifyr and Co.?  Here is the description of the company.  I'll let you decide why.

Eifyr was founded by the renowned biochemist Kolvil Eifyr, with a support from the Krusual tribe. The company has often been suspected of developing and manufacturing illegal neural boosters, but nothing has ever been proven. In any case, the operation of the company has always been a mystery to the public, and secrecy always breeds conspiracy theories.

I also went around and visited all of my research agents and collected up the datacores.  I also started working with a 6th research agent, which should bring my total up to 12 datacores a day.  Between the mission running and the datacores, Wandering Rose and Rosewalker now have 170 million isk.  Even better, the corp actually has the 1.5 million isk to pay the office bill next month.

What to do with all the isk?  According to my training plan for Wandering Rose, she will begin training Exhumers and Industrial Command Ships in two weeks.  That is 70 million isk in training books.  I've now got the isk to buy them with a nice cash reserve in case I suffer a ship loss.  Remember Eve Rule #1, never fly something you cannot afford to lose.

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