Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hotfix for EQ2's Game Update 58

Okay, so SOE is not calling today's downtime for EverQuest 2 to install a hotfix an emergency.  And I guess that with all the content in Game Update 58 that more good than bad was introduced.  Feldon at EQ2 Wire even has a post on all the under-documented and stealth additions included in GU58.  But just when I'm wondering if I should spend some time back in EQ2, seeing the long list of things needing to be fixed is a bit discouraging.  It makes my decision to wait until the Velious expansion comes out look better every day.

Am I overreacting?  Perhaps.  I'll provide the notes for today's hotfix below and let you be the judge.

  • Fixed tooltips on the welcome window and marketplace window for item icons.
  • You can now set Auto-Roll options under Group Options (/groupoptions or Alt-O Group Options)
  • This will allow you to Auto Greed, Auto Lotto, or Auto Decline loot without having to press the button each time. (Auto Need is not available)
  • Fixed an issue where the client would incorrectly give a free disk space warning.
  • Mounts in the mount window will no longer show up for sale on a merchant.
  • Fixed a bug with the Ykeshan Bear not using the correct appearance when equipped in your mount appearance slot.
  • Daring Roundshield and Imbued Daring Roundshield should have proper protection values now.
  • Priests should no longer be able to equip the Daring Roundshield and Imbued Daring Roundshield.
  • Sifu’s Focused Leggings should now have stonewill 2 on them.
  • Bone Hilted Smasher should now have slayer’s conviction instead of defiant stand.
  • Kaborite Longbow should only have followthrough on it now.
  • Bonebreaker’s Edge should only have 1% riposte chance now.
  • Earthen Shard should now be flagged as fabled.
  • The house pet "a mini-cognatic bixie bopper" is now no-value.
  • The journal text for the quest "Into Crushbone Territory" has been corrected to reflect Tuathil Laeds current location in Greater Faydark.
  • The quest "In Search of the Feerrott" can now be completed by good characters.
  • Dying in Mistmoore’s Research Hall should no longer revive you in his Inner Sanctum.

  • Writ givers should now correctly open their dialog without opening a merchant window.
  • Anathraxxis Fetidspine should no longer spawn as the challenge mode version when you wipe on the normal version.
  • (Challenge Version) Treskar Throatpuncher’s Mana Soul now shuffles hate properly.
  • (Challenge Version) Deathbone Lord Krasick now spawns add waves more reliably.
  • Anathraxxis’ loot tables have been altered.

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