Friday, December 10, 2010

All Pew-Pewed Out

Lately I just haven't felt like shooting things.  I discovered the problem is not just in Eve Online.  I tried to get into shooting up robots in Perpetuum and I just couldn't get excited.  I hopped into World of Warcraft and just wanted to harvest and make things.  The only time I got excited was when a mob dropped some wool so I could make some 8-slot bags.  Go figure.

Fortunately Eve offers more than shooting things.  I'm looking into new types of things to manufacture.  Next week when we get our skill points back from our learning skills I plan on Production Efficiency V.  I've mentioned I'm thinking of getting into constructing industrial ships to go along with running a hauling business.  I'm also thinking about drone production, since I have a real bad habit of warping and leaving my drones behind.

I also have plan to have Rosewalker fly around all cloaked up and doing sneaky stuff.  I've got a couple of low-sec systems in mind that really need bookmarks made in them so I can try to haul stuff through them.  I also need to get back into exploration.  Using probes is a perishable skill and I need the practice.

Of course, I may feel like shooting things again once I train up Minmatar Battleship to IV so I can fly a either a Tempest or a Maelstrom.  Flying something actually designed to do level 4 missions might get me out of my funk.

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