Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Incursion Is Going To Be Role Playing Fun

I don't know just how crazy Pandemic Legion really is, but if this post concerning the latest Sansha invasion into Oruse is any indication, the Intergalatic Summit is going to get even more crazy than it usually is.

The PL Ministry of Communication intercepted this message from an anonymous source. It appears the GalNet center was "politely asked not to publish" this report, and instead a different recreation of events was being authored. Pandemic Legion has decided not to heed the warnings and would like the free information to flow.

**Start of secure transmission **
The population of Oruse was spared today in what may prove to be a dramatic change in the fight against the Sansha heathens. Various Empires, aware of their inability to save their people, decided to go private. Pandemic Legion, fresh off their latest successful contract against Northern Coalition forces, were contracted to counter the Sansha forces attempting to abduct Orusian settlers.

Upon report of the intrusion, Pandemic Legion forces mobilized quickly to fight off the attack. The Nation was commanded by Citizen Astur in a Wyvern Class Supercarrier, showing how little faith they had in him. Settlers on Oruse's second moon were under attack and the Empires were nowhere to be seen. As the first settler was being abducted, a one-hundred man Pandemic Legion Capital Fleet entered system. Within minutes the entire Sansha fleet, over one-hundred-and-fifty ships including Astru's Wyvern, was reduced to mere wreckage. All settlers were returned planetside, and all are accounted for without serious injury.

In a sad attempt to save face, Citizen Astur claimed to have captured tens-of-thousands of settlers. However, upon inspection the Oruse solar-system, nobody has been reported missing and only one woman is injured. Thank you, Pandemic Legion. The people of Oruse II owe you a debt of gratitude.

** End of transmission **
** Secure line terminated **

The Pandemic Legion Ministry of Mercenary Contracts has no comment on which Empire put us on retainer. We can, however, confirm that Loyalty Point compensation was large enough to ensure that, assuming the same rate is granted, on the next attack we will drop whatever we're doing to fight off the Sansha heathens.

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