Monday, December 20, 2010

Unexpected Goodies

Sunday did not start out well.  I did not feel well and waking up to do planetary interaction was not what I wanted to do.  So after determining that I needed to change the PI harvesting cycle from early morning to late at night, I logged into the game for 20 minutes and went back to bed for 5 hours.  I didn't even sleep that late when recovering from jet lag.

Once I finally woke up, I decided to do a little light activity while watching football.  Making bookmarks does not have to be as stressful as I made it last weekend.  So I just relaxed and created observation bookmarks at the asteroid belts in the high-sec system I do most of my planetary interaction activity in.  Why?  Because the mining is pretty decent in that system and by using bookmarks I can speed up the time it takes to start mining.  Instead of warping to the entry point of an asteroid belt and then having to slow boat to the asteroids, a miner can warp to the bookmark, see where the asteroids are, and then warp to the asteroid.  A great time saver.

The best part of creating bookmarks in high sec is that I don't have to sneak around.  Just warp to the entry point of a belt and then hit the micro-warp drive until I reach 150 km away from the belt and then make a bookmark.  Easy.  The next time I do this in high sec I'm going to use something that can fight back, since I could have picked up a little spare isk by shooting all the rats that came out to chase me.

I was feeling a bit better after I ate dinner so I decided to brush up on my exploration skills instead of watching the Patriots-Packers game.  I'm glad I did.  I found two sites in the system, a magnetometric and a combat site.  The magnetometric site turned out to be an old Angel Cartel ship graveyard and I got about 2-3 million isk in salvage from it.  But the pleasant surprise I received was in the combat site.  After clearing out the Angel Cartel ships I found Jaspet and Hemorphite.  I hit the jackpot!

Okay, for me it was the jackpot.  Two types of low-sec ore in a .6 security system?  And more importantly for my industrial plans, two types of ore that produce zydrine, which is very important for some of the production I want to get into to.  One thousand units of zydrine will go a long way.  And the 22,000 units of nocxium I can refine from the ore is even more welcome, since I was beginning to run low.

One other thing I should mention.  Last night was the first time I had mined outside of a mission in months.  But I still remembered to bring a Mammoth along to not only hold the ore, but to salvage all the rats that made the mistake of attacking my Covetor.  A tractor beam and salvager brought in enough salvage and loot to pay for the hemorphite mining crystals and Hemorphite Processing skill book I had to buy before going out on the mining op.  And how did I get my hemorphite processing skill up to level 3 so I could use the mining crystals?  Some unused skill points from the learning skills point refund last week.  Sometimes things just happen right.  Now if I just didn't feel so miserable while being so happy.

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