Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My First Steps In Incursion

I logged into Eve last night wondering what Incursion would look like.  I can say I like it so far.  First, the update.  I really like the fact I didn't have to log in to each of my clients to do the update, which is good since I have the game installed on 3 computers.  Since I only have 2 accounts, that allowed me to get the installations over with faster.

The third computer I have the game installed on is my laptop and that was the one I was most interested in logging into last night.  That is because I wanted to test out the multi-monitor support and the new window re-sizing feature.  The only problem I really encountered is that I could not get the Fixed mode to use up all of the monitor except for the tool bar.  I just realized I failed to test to see if I can get the full screen to show up on my big screen TV instead of my laptop monitor if I choose Full Screen mode.  So that is the last test I have to run.  But otherwise, I like the changes to the sizing of the windows.

I tried to do my planetary interaction on my laptop while looking at the big screen TV.  I was able to nicely stretch the game window so that my colony was on the TV while all the menu boxes were on my laptop screen.  That part worked well.  And the PI graphics really look good on a 61" screen TV.  There were only two issues.  The first was the font was still too small from looking at the screen from my couch.  The second is that I need a mouse for my laptop if I want to try PI on my laptop again.  Otherwise I was pleased.

Some of the new graphics for the item icons are nice.  Over my last few game sessions I spent my non-PI time consolidating  all of my stuff.  I am finally completely out of Aldrat and only have 2 industrial ships and some unprocessed ore left in the general area.  The icons came in handy because I didn't realize I had faction ammo until I started moving things into my cargo holds.  The little green symbol really did show up.

The only other thing I noticed last night was that ships in fleets don't jump around as much when doing fleet jumps.  When I do my moving I have two characters flying industrials to cut down on time.  And while the graphics now look smoother, I had some problems clicking on the jump button to warp through gates.  I think something changed just a little and I'll have to get used to the new timing, because I was a lot smoother jumping my two man fleets through gates in Tyrannis.

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